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Signings tracker: Knights deals and departures

With so much interest around contracts, the nib Newcastle Knights have made it easy for you.

Now, you can keep track of where the club is at with their list. 

Below we have listed of our new signings and re-signings for 2020 and beyond.

View the 2020 draw here!


Domonic Young (From 2021)

Blake Green (2020)

Tyson Frizell (From 2021)

Chris Randall (Development Deal - 2020)

Tyronne Roberts-Davis (2020)

Gehamat Shibasaki (2022)


Christian Ma’anaima (2023)

Jacob Saifiti (2022)

Kalyn Ponga (2024)

Enari Tuala (2021) 

Pasami Saulo (2022)

Jirah Momoisea (2022)

Mitch Barnett (2023)

Daniel Saifiti (2022)

Brodie Jones (2020)

Hymel Hunt (2021)

Tex Hoy (2021)

Connor Watson (2021)


Jayden Brailey (Sharks - 2022)


Tim Glasby (retirement)

Aidan Guerra (retirement)

Andrew McCullough (at end of 2020 season - rejoining Broncos)

Blake Green (at end of 2020 season - joining Bulldogs)

Herman Ese'ese (at end of 2020 season - joining Titans)

Beau Fermor (released for 2020 season)

Danny Levi (released to Manly for 2020 season)

James Gavet (released to Huddersfield for 2020)

Brayden Musgrove (not re-signed for 2020)