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Signings tracker: Only one roster spot left

The nib Newcastle Knights have filled 29 of their 30 roster spots for next season.

The addition of Kurt Mann to the squad means Nathan Brown's roster is almost complete but the coach is in no hurry to fill the final vacancy.

With plenty of options and versatility, the Knights recruitment team are happy to adopt a wait and see approach when it comes to spot 30.

"What we have now, we have a far, far more rounded squad, you know with Kurt (Mann joining) and Sione (Mata'utia) going back to the backrow we have far more versatility," Brown said.


Mann's goal for 2019

"We certainly have a spot in our roster but we're also mindful we've just brought up a fair range of kids up who have been in the system for a couple of years now and we've got some confidence in them as well.

"To keep your own kids, you've got to keep doors open for them as well."

The Knights have filled three of a possible six development list spots and are within their right to promote one of those men into the top squad.

Brown’s positional plan for Mann

"We're quite comfortable where our squad is at the minute," Brown said.

"We certainly want to have a spot or two on our roster for the younger kids who have been working hard.

"We've got some younger players that we have some confidence in and we certainly want to keep a spot open."

Below is the list of new signings for the 2019 season and current players who have extended their deals.


Be The Player: Week 5

David Klemmer (Bulldogs - 2023)

Mason Lino (Warriors – 2020)

Jesse Ramien (Sharks - 2020)

Tim Glasby (Storm - 2021)

Edrick Lee (Sharks – 2021)

James Gavet (Warriors - 2020)

Hymel Hunt (Rabbitohs - until 2019)

Zac Woolford (Bulldogs - 2019)

Kurt Mann (Dragons - 2021)


Knights sign versatile utility

Josh King (2020)

Nathan Brown (ongoing contract)

Sione Mata'utia (2021)

Jamie Buhrer (2019)

Star To'a (2021)

Phoenix Crossland (2021)

Bradman Best (2022)

Lachlan Fitzgibbon (2021)

Beau Fermor (2020)