Signings tracker: 'Hope he'll be a 10-year player'

A 10-year club-man.

That's what David Klemmer can be for the nib Newcastle Knights.

While Klemmer has signed a five-year-deal starting in 2019, Knights CEO Philip Gardner believes the Test and Origin forward could finish his career in the red and blue.

"He's the sort of character we need at the club. He's the forward leader we've wanted for a long period of time," Gardner said of the Klemmer signing.

"A lot has been spoken about him being our new Paul Harragon. But he's our new David Klemmer.

"David has signed for five years but we hope he'll be a 10-year player for the club.

"The rebirth of the club after the (Nathan) Tinkler era and the NRL era, is now well and truly underway. We think we've got as good a roster as any in the league and we've certainly got the best coach in the league. So there are no excuses."

Below is the list of new signings for the 2019 season and current players who have extended their deals.


David Klemmer (Bulldogs - 2023)

Mason Lino (Warriors – 2020)

Jesse Ramien (Sharks - 2020)

Tim Glasby (Storm - 2021)

Edrick Lee (Sharks – 2021)

James Gavet (Warriors - 2020)

Hymel Hunt (Rabbitohs - until 2019)

Zac Woolford (Bulldogs - 2019)


Josh King (2020)

Nathan Brown (ongoing contract)

Sione Mata'utia (2021)

Jamie Buhrer (2019)

Star To'a (2021)

Phoenix Crossland (2021)

Bradman Best (2022)

Lachlan Fitzgibbon (2021)

Beau Fermor (2020)