Watson awaits verdict on knee injury

Connor Watson is battling an MCL injury to his right knee.

The Newcastle Knights fullback dived for a try when he came in contact with a Panthers defender in Saturday’s match.

“Just when I dived to put the ball down, Dylan Edwards came across to stop it and landed on my knee,” he explained.

Luckily, he was able to play on.

“I felt it, it was a bit sore and got it strapped up,” Watson said.

"At training you see little glimpses of what we can do"

“Once I got it strapped the pain wasn’t too bad; I think the adrenaline helped.

“The positive sign is that I got through the game so hopefully it’s not too bad.”

He’s now awaiting the results of an MRI scan.

“Not sure how bad it is,” Watson added.

“Just waiting to find out the results from the scan.”

In the meantime, he’s got it strapped up.

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“It’s a precautionary thing to keep it still and safe,” he said.

“You do a little bit of damage to your knee and you always chuck one of these things on.

“It does look like it’s a serious injury but a lot of the time it’s not.”