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"At training you see little glimpses of what we can do"

Danny Levi, Connor Watson, Mitchell Pearce and Kalyn Ponga.

The all-important spine driving the Newcastle Knights.

It’s a relatively new combination… but excitement is building about what they can produce this season.

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In the no. 9, Levi has backed the all-important combo.

He’s confident as the season progresses, so too will they.

“We’ve still got a long way to go but when you see us at training, you see little glimpses of what we can do,” added Levi.

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“It’s definitely working so we’ve just got to stick to it and make sure we keep bringing more and more of it.”

While questions have surrounded whether the switch by Kalyn Ponga to five-eighth is working, Levi has no doubt.

Ponga, all heart.

The 23-year-old has plenty of faith in his team mate and the quality football he can produce.

“Kalyn… he’s a freak, he can do whatever he wants,” laughed Levi.

“Our boys have got massive confidence in Kalyn and what he can do.”

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The more opportunities they provide, the better Ponga can play.

“I think we can help him out by giving him the space,” Levi maintained.

“It’s a team effort but he’s definitely a threat that we need to expose.

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“I think we can get more out of him if we help him out, but that’s just going to take some time and we’re working at it.”

But one thing for sure, when Ponga wants the ball…. Levi won’t hesitate.

“I just try and listen out for him and when he wants the ball, I’ll give it to him,” he smiled.