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2022 Senior Reps team lists Round 16 and 9

The nib Newcastle Knights Knock-On-Effect NSW Cup, Harvey Norman NSW Women's Premiership and Jersey Flegg Cup teams have been named for their games this weekend.

The three grades will travel down to Campbelltown Stadium on Saturday to face the Wests Tigers pathways outfits.

NSW Cup will take on the Western Suburbs Magpies at 3:00pm while the Jersey Flegg Cup team will play the Tigers at 1:15pm.

NSW Women's Premiership action will start the day at 11:00am in the last round of their regular season.

The side sits in third and a win would secure a semi-finals place.

See the teams below:

NSW Cup v Magpies

1. Dylan Phythian (C)

2. Hymel Hunt

3. Heath Gibbs

4. Krystian Mapapalangi

5. Brayden Musgrove

6. Jake Clifford

7. Phoenix Crossland

8. Ben Talty

9. Luke Huth

10. Jirah Momoisea

11. Jack Johns

12. Lachlan Fitzgibbon

13. Brodie Jones


14. Liam Wilkinson

15. Daniel Ticehurst

16. John Toleafoa

17. Liam Wiscombe

Coach Mark O'Meley

NSW Women's Premiership v Tigers

1. Shanice Parker

2. Anika Butler

3. Robyn Draper

4. Chantelle Graham

5. Jordan Glanville

6. Bobbi Law

7. Melanie Howard

8. Kyra Simon

9. Sophie Clancy

10. Kayla Romaniuk

11. Ngalika Barker

12. Sophie Higgins

13. Bree Chester


14. Talesha Quinn

15. Harmony Liddell

16. Monica-Lee Morris

17. Georgia Page

Coach: Ronald Griffiths

Jersey Flegg Cup v Tigers

1. David Armstrong

2. Luke Pietzner

3. Chris Vea'ila

4. James Johnson

5. Keanu Wainohu-Kemp

6. Riley Jones

7. Liam Sutton

8. Max Bradbury

9. Lachlan O'Brien

10. Callan Burgess

11. Oryn Keeley

12. Tom Cant

13. Jaron Purcell


14. Brock Greacen

15. Tim Johannssen

16. Paul Bryan

17. Tevita Toloi

18. Harry Croker

Coach: Tony Gleeson