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Late Mail: Sasagi debuts

Adam O'Brien has confirmed the team list set to face the Cowboys at Queensland Country Bank Stadium in Townsville.

Simi Sasagi will make his NRL debut and become Knight #325 tonight after being promoted to the starting line up in the centres.

Kurt Mann has been pushed to fullback at the expense of Tex Hoy, while Blake Green and Phoenix Crossland have traded roles in the halves.

There are no further changes to the 17.

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6. Kurt Mann

2. Starford To'a

3. Enari Tuala 

18. Simi Sasagi

5. Brayden Musgrove 

7. Phoenix Crossland 

21. Blake Green

8. David Klemmer

9. Jayden Brailey (c)

10. Daniel Saifiti (c) 

11. Tyson Frizell 

12. Lachlan Fitzgibbon

13. Mitch Barnett


14. Connor Watson 

15. Jacob Saifiti 

16. Sauaso Sue 

17. Brodie Jones

18th Man:

1. Tex Hoy