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Sione Mata’utia day in the life diary

nib Newcastle Knights backrower Sione Mata'utia has kept a diary while at home in isolation.

The 23-year-old has kept record of his day to provide supporters with an insight into what a professional rugby league player is doing while training away from the team.

This diary entry was recorded on Monday, April 14.

My day typically starts the night before with my dinner choice reflecting the training day to come the next morning.

Last night, I had a big bowl of pasta because today is a big day on the feet.

I start my day by waking up at 5.30am.

I always start the day the same way. I wake up, drink a cup of water and head to the bathroom.

I then jump into the shower and it’s always cold.

I then dry off and have a green tea before breakfast.

This morning I whip up an omelette on two pieces of toast and a side of muesli.

After a bit of reading, it’s 6.30am and the kids are up.

I have a daughter and son and while my partner sleeps in, I’m on dad duty and get the kids ready for the day.

I play with the kids until around 9am, when I tag my fiancé in.

While the playing group can’t socialise in person while we are in isolation, I do make sure I keep in contact with the boys.

I have a chat to Edrick Lee and then at 10am I head out to train.

I live a few minutes from Valentine Oval and today is a 1.2 kilometre time trial and then some conditioning.

This session lasts close to an hour and a half.

I then head straight home and have a meal.

It’s almost 12pm which is a petty standard time for me to eat lunch.

I have a chicken salad sandwich but if I was feeling particularly hungry, I would’ve opted for something a little heavier like Tuna with rice.

I always try and eat healthy. Nutrition is extremely important.

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After eating, it’s back to the kids and we head into the backyard and play in the cubby house.

After a bit of time with the kids, it’s almost 2pm and time for weights.

Today is a full body weights circuit.

Sometimes I’ll add things into the program to change it up. If I see anything interesting on Instagram, I always enjoy adding it in.

It’s now 3pm and I’ve finished my weights, which means it’s time for another snack.

I eat my yoghurt and peanut mix and then head for another cold shower.

Before dinner, I jump into the group chat and a few of the boys want to play some poker, so I log into an app we have and have a game with Tautau Moga, Edrick Lee and Herman Ese’ese.

Having sorted breakfast and lunch, my partner is on dinner duty.

She has whipped up a Hoisin Beef Noodle bowl which goes down a treat.

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After dinner I put the kids to bed around 8pm and play a bit of sudoku while I wait for them to fall asleep.

I get to bed shortly after, around 8.30pm.

It’s been a productive day and I’ll do it all again in the morning with the alarm set for 5.30am.

Goodnight and stay safe, 

- Sione.