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Five biggest ever hits in Knights history

Nothing quite gets a crowd going like a massive tackle.

Over the years, the Knights have had no shortage of big men prepared to put their bodies on the line in pursuit of pulling off a big hit.

Here are the five best in Knights history, with present players not considered.

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Round 17 – 1995 – Paul Harragon v Mark Carroll

It was the collision of a generation and remains one of the most infamous tackles in rugby league history.

With Mark Carroll returning a kick-off, Paul Harragon zeroed in from his left-hand side like a homing missile, colliding with his arch-rival so hard that it saw Harragon become completely airborne, knocking himself out in the process.

Round 7 – 1997 – Marc Glanville v Craig Field

One of the most brutal tackles you’re ever likely to see.

The ball floated over Craig Field’s head, and as he reached out to grab hold of it, a rampaging Marc Glanville cannoned into him with a bellringer of a hit, right under the ribcage.

Round 7 – 1999 – Chief v Shane Webcke

Paul Harragon again involved in a mammoth tackle for the ages.

They were the two premier props in the game, and this huge hit from Harragon on Shane Webcke definitely left him sore the next the morning, and set the tone for a tough encounter which saw the Knights defeat the defending premiers 19-18.

Round 12 – 2011 – Joel Edwards v Jarryd Hayne

With Parramatta fighting to save the game on a wet night in Newcastle, Joel Edwards managed to pull off one of the hits of the season on the in-form Jarryd Hayne.

Hayne took a looping ball in a desperate Parramatta movement, and with his back to the defensive line, copped a massive hit which forced the ball loose and sent the home crowd into raptures.

Round 26 – 2014 – Timana Tahu v Jack De Belin

It may’ve been the final game of Timana Tahu’s career, however he proved he could still hit with as much venom as anybody in the game.

In fact, Tahu hit De Belin with such force that he was seen vomiting on the field afterwards.