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Recovery Report: 'Finally got the full squad back'

David Klemmer re-joined the team on Monday following an extended break due to his time with the Australian Test team.

That means the 27-man NRL roster are back training, along with five development players and eight train and trial additions.

“It’s been good this week, we’ve finally got the full squad back,” Head of Physical Performance Balin Cupples said.

“The pleasing thing is with the boys that have come back over the last couple of weeks, like the full squad, is they’ve done some work over the break.

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“That’s Dave, he’s professional, he makes sure he does running based or gym-based work before he gets back and his time trial times.

“We’ve got a few more tricks up our sleeve for Dave later in the week. He’s come back, body composition wise and his integrated straight into skills and some games, so it’s pleasing to have a full squad.”

Recovery Report: Lino progress, Fermor ACL update

Furthermore, with the entire squad now on the training paddock, there are only two players recovering from serious injuries.

Mason Lino is recovering from a shoulder issue but is beginning to spend more time with his teammates having started ball work.

“Mason’s going really strongly he’s doing plenty of work,” Cupples said.

“He’s actually been integrated into our main group for some of our running based conditioning. He’s also worked in with Willie (Peters) and the halves position group, he’s in some of the team-based skills as well which is great for Mase.

“Still got some work to do in terms of his strength and we’ll build up his running and intensity of his skills as we build into Christmas but he’s on track for early season playing.”

Beau Fermor is on the comeback trail from an ACL injury he suffered late last season.

The backrower is increasing his running loads but still working hard with cardio training off the feet.

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“Beau’s in that early phase of return to run, so doing plenty of vertical integration drilling and getting some patterns back running wise.

“On top of that, working really hard within the gym and building his strength levels. And then also busting most sessions in terms of up on the top deck with our conditioning staff, off feet combo.

“Beau and Mase haven’t had many days where they haven’t been heavily high rated RPE based sessions. They definitely know they’ve done some work when they go home after training, that’s for sure.”

Injured players and expected return dates:

Mason Lino (Shoulder - Early year) 

Beau Fermor (Knee - Early-Mid season)