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Watson’s selfless act for victim of online bullying

Seven days ago, passionate Newcastle supporter Damian was the victim of online bullying.

This unwavering fan attends almost every game and is well known to the players as the man who waves the giant flag.

You’ve probably seen it.

So when Damien received abuse from an online troll, it was brought to the attention of Connor Watson.

Without hesitation, Watson reached out to Damian via social media.

With Damian’s permission, he has allowed us to share the No.9s message and ensuing good deed with you all.

Damian posted the following on Facebook last week:

‘On the weekend I was a victim to online bullying and well it got around and last night I got on Instagram to find out I had a message from one of my favourite knights players, the legend himself Connor and what he said to me really helped me. I was in tears reading it because this means so much to me what he said. So, just thought I’d let you all know of what a legend we have in Connor. Things like this go a long way and I’ll definitely remember it.’

Watson’s message read: ‘He bra Denan sent me a screen shot of what that guy said. Sorry you had to go through that. You are a legend and a great fan. Don’t worry about stupid comments like that. Thanks for all your support mate. It’s appreciated.’

But Watson wasn’t done there.

After the game against Penrith on Sunday, Watson stripped off and made a beeline for the giant Knights flag.

He called out to Damian and handed over his playing jersey which fittingly displayed a badge above the NRL logo for his Ken Stephen medal nomination.

After the game, Damian posted on Facebook:

‘Tonight might have not gone our way but I’m honoured to get this and mind you, I didn’t even know about it. He comes up after the game and calls out to me, Damo I’ve got something for you and it was his jersey. I literally had tears in my eyes. Connor is a dead set legend. He wears his heart on his sleeve.’