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Knights in the news: Saifiti's horror accident and Hunt's mental health advocacy

There’s been no shortage of interest in our boys this week.

The nib Newcastle Knights attracted plenty of media attention and we’ve pulled together some of it in case you missed it.

Rep rewards great for Knights

A brother's bond

There is no doubt that twins are about as close a connection as one can get.

When broken the news of his brother making his Blues debut, Jacob Saifiti was overjoyed.

"It was probably the proudest moment of my life," Jacob told Barry Toohey of The Newcastle Herald.

"I was so stoked - just so happy for him."

However, as revealed by the Newcastle Herald, the Knights powerhouse duo may not have been, if a potential life-changing accident years earlier had a worsened outcome.

KP: 'Why I turned down NZ'

Skateboarding in the rain, Blues' debutant Daniel suffered a horrific injury, which resulted in a fractured skull and bleeding on the brain.

"When we were 11, we were at a mates place... and Daniel had a skateboarding accident.

"It was the biggest thud I'd ever heard in my life.

"We took him to the hospital at Gosford  but as soon as they relaised the extent (of the damage), he was rushed straight to Weastmead.

"He missed a whole year of footy because of it.

Luckily, Daniel made a full recovery, and Jacob can now make light of the situation.

"I think that's why his head it so hard - it formed an extra shell over it after the accident."

'My first Origin was crazy, I was only 19'

Hunt embraces State of Mind advocacy

The NRL has recently launched it's 2019 State of Mind campaign, aimed at making men's mental health a talking point.

"This year the NRL are launching a campaign called: 'Don't just stand on the sidelines'," Hunt told the Newcastle Herald.

"It's about going out to schools and educating younger people, having those little conversations.

"I just want to use my platform and try to help raise awareness.

"That's the whole reason for the State of Mind program."

The State of Mind program, embraced by mental health organisations such as The Black Dog Institute, Lifeline, Headspace and Kids Helpline seeks to raise awareness and eliminate stigmas associated with the conversations around mental health and it's challenges.

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