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Levi inspired to be an 80-minute man

He’s working on being an 80-minute man.

It’s something Danny Levi has always wanted to do.

Last week against the Bulldogs he got his first full 80 minutes for the season in the no. 9.

Levi: Addressing criticism and shifting into an 80-min Hooker

“I was feeling really good and our trainer came on in the last 10 minutes and he asked if I could get through the 80,” Levi said.

“I didn’t even realise how much time was left and then when he said that, I started to feel a bit tired.”

Knights v Dragons Round 10 NRL team

Averaging around the 60-minute mark for most games, the Knights hooker is keen to bump up his time on field.

With a short interchange, he knows it’s important to keep the big forwards in rotation.

Team List Tuesday: Rd 10

That means less time on the bench for Levi, lifting his work rate and keeping his defence at a high intensity.

He’s taken inspiration from senior players.

"It is always tapping on your shoulder the dark side"

“I have seen how much our senior players can work and when they’re under fatigue how hard they still go,” Levi added.

“It makes me want to do the exact same thing. Not let anyone down.

“Now it’s about putting it back to back.”