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Round 5 Canterbury Cup NSW and Jersey Flegg teams

Rory Kostjasyn has named a strong Canterbury Cup NSW Newcastle Knights side.

Jacob Gagai lines-up in the No.1 jersey this week with Tex Hoy playing under 20s, while Pasami Saulo starts in the front row.

Saulo made a successful return from a wrist injury last week.

This side features plenty of NRL experience with Herman Ese'ese also in the front row and Jamie Buhrer locking the scrum. 

The Knights host Blacktown at McDonald Jones Stadium at 12.45pm on Saturday. 


1. Jacob Gagai, 2. Kiah Cooper, 3. Jarred Anderson, 4. Tautau Moga, 5. Mitch Andrews, 6. Phoenix Crossland, 7. Chris Randall 8. Pasami Saulo, 9. Zac Woolford, 10. Herman Ese'ese, 11. Beau Fermor, 12. Brodie Jones, 13. Jamie Buhrer. Interchange: 14. Zac Hosking, 15. Sam Stone, 16. Tevita Alifa, 17. Jirah Momoisea

Meanwhile, Scott Dureau's Jersey Flegg side sees Tex Hoy kit up for his first 20s match in 2019.  

He will play in the centres with an in-form Grant Anderson holding down the fullback position.

The young Knights face the Sea Eagles at McDonald Jones Stadium at 3.05pm on Saturday.  


1. Grant Anderson, 2. Toby Marks, 3. Bradman Best, 4. Tex Hoy, 5. Justin Worley, 6. Dylan Lucas, 7. Bayden Searle, 8. Jack Cameron, 9. Luke Huth, 10. Mathew Croker, 11. Ben Talty, 12. Isaac Lee, 13. Brandon Russell. Interchange: 14. Matt Moon, 15. Daniel Ticehurst, 16. Kingston Puru, 17. Joe Bromage.