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Slade’s role in Knights recruitment haul

When the time comes for Slade Griffin to turn his attention to life after football, he should consider a future in recruitment.

Two of the nib Newcastle Knights' newest recruits have said it wasn't only the cooking of coach Nathan Brown's wife that help with their decision to join the Club but hard-working hooker also played a part.

Tim Glasby and Hymel Hunt both played with Griffin in Melbourne and it was that connection which helped lure them to the Knights.

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Speaking to the media on Monday, Hunt revealed he is close to both Glasby and Griffin and their influence played a big part in him joining the Club.

"I spoke to Slade before signing with the club," Hunt said.

"(Slade) said; 'it's a good group of boys and you'll love it here, it's like slow Sydney,' so I said; 'I might as well come down and check it out' and here I am."

When asked if Griffin was helping draw players to Newcastle, Hunt replied; "he is."

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In Glasby's first ever NRL game in 2013, he sat on the bench next to Griffin.

They both played at the Storm and Glasby said Griffin played a big role in luring him to the Knights.



"My wife and my little boy, we came up to meet Browny (Brown) and had a look at the Club and all that sort of stuff," Glasby said.

"We did catch up with Slade and he gave me to lowdown. I'm here so we obviously liked the place."

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While Brown and Griffin did a good job selling the Knights to Glasby, it was Brown's kids that got him over the line.

"His kids pretty much babysat my little fella for the whole time so that was a plus," Glasby added.

"So they looked after the little fella and my wife and I got a nice afternoon off so that was good, so that sold us I think."