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Press conference: Connor Watson on Round 10

Celebrating Indigenous culture is something very close to the heart of Connor Watson, as it played an enormous role in his journey from a rugby league junior through to an NRL player.

The Club's 2018 Indigenous jersey features four totems, representing the journeys and stories of Knights players past and present.

Immensely proud of how his culture is recognised, Watson stated his performance this week will be dedicated to those Indigenous children who idolise their NRL stars.

"It's an awesome week," said Watson.

"Celebrating our Indigenous culture and the oldest people in the world... I think it is a great week for teaching what Aboriginals are about."

I am playing for all those kids that didn't get the opportunities that I got.

Connor Watson Five-eighth

"Elsie has done the artwork on the jersey. Myself, Owen Craigie, Timana Tahu and Ashley Gordon have incorporated our totems... we were pretty vocal (in the process) and it has come out really well on the jersey."

"I am very fortunate to be able to do what I do and very fortunate to have had the upbringing I did. There are a lot of kids out there in the country and the smaller communities that don't get the opportunity to do that, so this is a big week for them.

"I am playing for all those kids that didn't get the opportunities that I got."

Looking forward to facing off against fellow Indigenous NRL representative Tyrone Peachey, Watson is wary of his opposite number, especially with Peachey's ball running ability.

"I think he is playing really well at five-eighth and I see a lot of similar traits between him and myself. He will be ready for a big one as well this weekend, being Indigenous Round."

With Brock Lamb moving back into the halves, Watson is looking forward to reaping the benefits of Lamb's control in the halves, reducing pressure on Kalyn Ponga and himself.

"Brock (Lamb) and Jack (Cogger) are very similar in the way that they play. However, Brock is a bit more of a controlling halfback, which allows Kalyn (Ponga) and I to play free."