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As last season's co-captain, Jamie Buhrer has welcomed the injection of several new faces that will bring valuable experience to the squad in 2018.

And while the incoming players will have plenty of lessons to hand down to the younger players, Buhrer says their value as class athletes can't be forgotten either.

“It's not just the experience facet of it, they are fantastic players coming in,” explained Buhrer.

“You don’t fluke, in (Jacob) Lillyman’s case, over 200 games and in (Chris) Heighington’s case over 300 games... and Aidan (Guerra) has played a lot of Origin footy.

“They are good footballers first and foremost, but it is great to have them from a leadership standpoint because there was a message, from myself and other leaders in the team, that we were trying to set last year.

“There are voices that are going to be added this year so the more people that are pushing in the one direction, the better.”

And regarding the younger recruits for 2018, Buhrer says they have brought plenty of energy and enthusiasm.

“They have fit in really well and it has been quite seamless,” he said.

“They have been brought in to do a job and one that they’re really keen to do.

“Kalyn (Ponga) and Connor (Watson) have just brought a very good energy to the place so it's exciting to see.”

Notoriously known for being the toughest period for players, Buhrer has taken pre-season training in his stride.

“I'm pretty tired, a bit sore as I’m sure a majority of the boys are,” Buhrer laughed.

“It's a very professional program that we are running this year and there is obviously a lot of competition for spots and people are trying to outdo each other in fitness.

“Stoney (Sam) in particular is a very fit young man and usually someone I try to outdo in the fitness stakes and I think I’ve got him in some things and he’s got me in others.

“From the seniors to the young fellas, there is some healthy competition.”

The 27-year-old’s goal for next season is not only to make the starting side but put in big minutes each match.

“There are a lot of quality back rowers, both middle and edge,” he said.

“We brought in Slade (Griffin) and he is a utility as well… Danny (Levi) is doing some great things in the World Cup so there is healthy competition for spots.

“One thing that is certain, is come Round 1, we’re going to have a very deep forward pack.”