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I'm proud to say I've been a Newcastle Knights fan since 1997.

Growing up in Western Sydney, my earliest memory was being outside near my dad's truck listening to the 1997 grand final on the radio.

Manly were the form team of the 90s and they were dominating the game early.

I remember my dad (a Souths fan) saying 'Anyone but Manly' and 'We don't want Manly winning'.

So when the Knights began to come back, my mum ( a Bulldogs fan) came outside excited because the Knights had leveled the score.

The Knights? Who is this team they're talking about? Rugby League was all fairly new to me.

I was 7-years-old but remember this moment quite well.

We all went inside and watched Darren Albert score the match winner.

I was more interested in the fact the team had red and blue on (my favourite colours) and Manly wore maroon? Yuck!

Over the course of the next few years as my brothers grew up and played rugby league, I grew a bigger interest in the game.

Everyone around me were Eels and Panthers fans, and they also tried to make me convert.

It never happened. Something about the Knights drew me to them.

Around the early 2000s due to my brothers, I attended mainly Eels games, but it just didn't seem right.

They never had the right colours on. And so I went to my first Knights match against the Eels at Parramatta Stadium.

I remember it well because I was basically adopted by the group of Knights Nannas who lent me their Knights blanket and 'wireless' radio to listen to the game. Not to mention their snacks during the game!

I then had the honour of going to an Eels mad house in 2001 for the grand final where I was deliberately not let in as a joke for 15 minutes because there was a sign out the front saying 'No Knights fans allowed'.

We all know who had the last laugh that night.

I remember celebrating at half time, then being really nervous with 10 to go.

It was never really in doubt though was it?

Since then, the rest has been history.

I've been to some memorable games. The heart break of Joey doing his ACL in 2004, then coming back and winning our first game in 2005 at Penrith after 3 months of losses.

Then more recently, our finals wins against many odds and the grand final qualifier loss is something I'll never forget.

Having the Knights fans travel and outnumber the Roosters fans at their home ground was very special.

I attend heaps of away games living in Sydney as well as the VB NSW Cup fixtures which I also have a great interest in.

You'll even catch me at Harold Matthews and SG Ball games at the beginning of each year.

I remember watching guys like Akuila Uate, James McManus and Kade Snowden come through and play Jersey Flegg.

Or more recently Adam Clydsdale lift the SG Ball trophy back in 2011. Two years later, he's making his NRL debut in Canberra.

At this moment I, along with other diehards, run a Knights supporter website.

It was created back in 2005 to help 'out of town' fans like myself interact with other Knights fans from around the world.

I feel forever indebted to the Knights. I feel as though each day updating the website with news and statistics from our games since 1988 that I, along with others who give their time, Play Our Part.

I became a Knights member only 5 years ago. Not through lack of trying, but because of growing up and working. Plus having a license definitely helped my cause!

I started as just a non-ticketed supporter, but now I buy the 12 game Membership as I can make games consistently now.

In 2014 I will be renewing my Membership once again, and I hope you all take up the opportunity to do so as well and help Play Your Part.

There are so many different options, even if you can only make one or two games.

There is nothing better than being a Member of this great Club.

It automatically makes you feel like you belong and you're connected to the Club, even though, like me, you might be hundreds or thousands of kilometres away.

2014- I can't wait!

Alicia Newton
Member #18050

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