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Appearance Requests

The nib Newcastle Knights are committed to supporting the community, with players made available for a limited number of appearances during the season.

There is a high demand for Knights players to make appearances at charity events, company functions, schools and junior sporting clubs. In addition to the high level of sponsorship and existing community commitments combined with a demanding training schedule means there is a limit to player time and the Knights cannot guarantee that we will be able to facilitate your appearance request.

To request a player appearance, a formal request must be submitted in writing on letterhead and accompanied by a Knights Player Appearance Request Form (which can be downloaded from this page).

Preference will always be given to rugby league Clubs, schools that are involved in rugby league, local community and/or charity groups and not for profit organisations, football associated events and Knights members.

All applications must meet the following criteria before being considered:

- Applications need to be in writing at least six (6) weeks prior to the requested date
- Applications must be on the letterhead of the organisation and contain certification as to the authenticity of the appearance activity
- Schools must provide documentation as to their support for or involvement in Rugby League
- Individuals/groups must provide documentation as to their support for or involvement in Rugby League
- The Knights receive many applications from those who have fallen on hard times, while the Knights will try to assist, the relationship of the individuals with Rugby League and the Knights will be a consideration when assessing the application. Please note, priority will always be given to Knights members.
- Every application must be accompanied by a Knights Player Appearance Request Form which can be downloaded from this page
In addition, the following information MUST also be included in the application if the appearance is for an event:
- What the organisation does for the Community
- Date, time and location
- The preferred player that you would like the club to consider for your appearance
- Outline a clear role for the player at your event (no functions or athletic roles with a risk of injury will be considered)
- How the event is being promoted
- A contact person and contact number

All requests will be responded to (whether successful or not) in writing within 6 (six) weeks of receiving request.

Please note, the Club will make the final decision as to which player will attend your appearance, should your request be successful and cannot accept responsibility for last minute player cancellations due to injury/illness/change of training schedules.

Appearance requests are to be kept to a maximum of one hour. If you require an extension of this time you will need to discuss this with the Club after your formal request has been submitted.

The Club will not consider any personal appearances such as weddings, birthdays, etc.

All decisions are final and at the sole discretion of the Newcastle Knights Community Relations team.

Further guidelines can be found in the Player Appearance Request Form.

We thank you for your interest in having a Knights player appear at your event and we appreciate your continued support of the team.

Download the Player Promotion Request Form here

Download the Coach Promotion Request Form here

Requests can be submitted by email to or mailed to:

Community Department
Newcastle Knights
PO Box 152