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The Knights in the Community Initiative

At the heart of the nib Newcastle Knights lies a deep-seated commitment to our community, shaped by the unwavering support from our members and fans.

This dedication extends beyond the rugby league field, driving us to engage in meaningful social investments that contribute to the prosperity and well-being of our region.

Our mission encapsulates this ethos: to bring pride, respect and success to our region through our commitment to members, rugby league, community and sporting excellence.

The Knights in the Community initiative reflects this mission, aimed at nurturing positive, thriving communities across the region.

Gardner: 'We're a community Club'

With a history rich in community engagement, the nib Newcastle Knights have fostered a profound connection with the community, supporting various not-for-profit organisations through initiatives such as game day fundraising, player appearances and educational programs.

In partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation, we are seeking tax-deductible donations to propel the Knights in the Community initiative, anchored by three core pillars:

1. Elite Performance

Elevating the Knights to the pinnacle of rugby league, fostering a culture of excellence and achievement.

2. Community Engagement

Strengthening bonds within the Hunter region and beyond, uplifting lives through active participation and support.

3. Sporting Growth

Nurturing the grassroots of rugby league, promoting active, healthy lifestyles among youth and ensuring the future vibrancy of the sport.



Join The Cause

Every donation strengthens our community and helps secure a brighter future for our young athletes.

This is your chance to connect with the passion and pride of the Newcastle Knights, making a tangible difference that will resonate for generations.

Donate today for a tax-deductible contribution and be part of building a legacy that goes beyond the game.

Your donation is our strength.

Let's create a future we can all be proud of together.

Join the Cause

Every donation strengthens our community and secures a brighter future for young athletes. Connect with the passion and pride of the Newcastle Knights and make a lasting impact. Donate today for a tax-deductible contribution and help build a legacy beyond the game.

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