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Senior Reps team lists: Round 1

The NSW Cup and Jersey Flegg Cup (Men's Under 21) competitions will kick-off this weekend with the nib Newcastle Knights set to host the Canberra Raiders.

The NSW Cup squad will kick-off their season on Thursday night in a curtain-raiser before the NRL fixture. Kick-off is set down for 5:30pm at McDonald Jones Stadium.

On Saturday, the Jersey Flegg Cup team will begin their campaign against the Canberra Raiders at St Johns Oval, Charlestown with kick-off scheduled for 3:30pm.

See the teams below:

NSW Cup v Raiders

1. Fletcher Sharpe

2. Laitia Moceidreke

3. Krystian Mapapalangi

4. Fletcher Myers

5. Tom Jenkins

6. Will Pryce

7. Zach Herring

8. Jed Cartwright

9. Riley Jones

10. Callan Burgess

11. Tom Cant

12. Brodie Jones

13. Clay Webb


14. Temple Kalepo

15. Reid Alchin

16. John Toleafoa

17. Bailey Hartwig

Extended Bench:

18. Jaxson Rahme

Coach: Ronald Griffiths


Jersey Flegg Cup v Raiders

1. Wil Botham

2. Tea-Rani Woodman Tuhoro

3. Kyle McCarthy

4. Jahrome Falemoe-Afamasaga

5. Siaosi Kaliti

6. Taj Blackman

7. Liam Sutton

8. Paul Bryan

9. Jacob Davis

10. Myles Martin (C)

11. Jayden Harris

12. Elijah Salesa-Leaumoana

13. Jaxson Rahme


14. Harry Reid

15. Rory Whitby

16. Blake Woodford

17. Jack Cullen

Extended Bench:

18. Tama Whareaorere

19. Kane Graham

Coach: Michael Dobson