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Lite n’ Easy Fuelling the Knights Premiership Defence

The nib Newcastle Knights have linked with Australia’s leading ready-made meal service Lite n’ Easy this Telstra Women’s Premiership season as part of its Fuelling Women in Sport initiative.

Central to the partnership is the provision of 2,000 Lite n’ Easy meals to keep players in peak condition over the course of the 2023 season, as they defend the Premiership the team won in 2022.

Knights captain Hannah Southwell says the Lite n’ Easy partnership and the Fuelling Women in Sport initiative helps players like her strike a balance during the busiest time of the rugby league year.

“Lite n’ Easy has been a core part of my support team ensuring that I spend less time on meal prep and more time on rehab and training,” Southwell said.

“I have tried other ready-meal delivery brands but Lite n’ Easy ticks all the boxes for me. I love the meal size, taste and variety. I also love that they are supporting professional female athletes.”

With over 235 meals on its menu, Lite n’ Easy has been helping Australians stay healthy, focused and thriving by delivering delicious, healthy meals to Australians since 1986.

Lite n’ Easy CEO Nathan Hayman says the brand’s work with professional sportswomen and teams of all codes is all about helping female athletes be their best.

“Lite n' Easy is helping improve female athletes' barriers by eliminating meal preparation time and putting their health and well-being first,” Hayman said.

“With the assistance of ready-made, nutritious meals, the team will be fuelled to tackle the challenges of balancing full-time work, study, parenthood, and a professional rugby league career.”

In 2023, Lite n’ Easy was once again rated the number one healthy meal delivery service by Canstar Blue, the fourth straight year it has received the accolade.

"Lite n’ Easy can now deliver a range of meal solutions that provide a healthy foundation for a performance diet,” Lite n' Easy Senior Dietitian Ashleigh Jones says.

“Designed by dietitians and prepared by chefs, the meals not only taste great, but they also contain more than 30g of protein, a nutrient essential for muscle growth and recovery from training.

"The team continually goes above and beyond to ensure our meals are as delicious as they are healthy. Everything is made using the highest quality ingredients, and it’s all perfectly portioned and nutritionally balanced.

"With over 235 healthy and delicious meals, Lite n' Easy offers a nutrient-rich foundation to support the optimal performance of any athlete. We are proud to support the Knights in 2023."