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Presser Points:  AOB and KP react to Titans triumph

The nib Newcastle Knights returned from the bye with a 46-26 win over the Titans at McDonald Jones Stadium on Sunday.

The team ran in eight tries to the Titans five to record our fourth win of the season.

Head Coach Adam O’Brien and Co-Captain Kalyn Ponga spoke after the game on the performance, KP’s return and key performers in the win.


“It's a much, much better feeling than after the Parra game for sure," O'Brien said.

"That's exactly what we needed to do to, it’s what we spoke about during the week.

"It’s about starting the game with a bit of intent, making sure that we respond. We don't want to put back-to-back bad performances together.

Match Highlights: Knights v Titans

“The majority of our focus this week was on our defence, the scoreboard suggests that we probably had some moments, and we did, but I thought, across the board  there were some really good moments of periods of defence."


“I thought when he hit the go button in the second half for us, he showed he is elite," O'Brien said.

"As I said, it [Round 9] was way too premature for people to come in. Given the sample size this year…he knows he's got to work hard again next week and replicate it.

Kalyn Ponga very special try

“It was important for the boys to have a rest, given the period of gains and the games that they went through," Ponga said,

"I wasn't a part of a big chunk of that. I just focussed on my fitness and my defence. Everything sort of stems off that. Not only personally, but as a team as well.

“To come back home and put a performance like that in front of the crowd that I haven't played in front of for a long time, to be honest I am happy.

"But as he [AOB] said, that's just one performance. I need to back it up and be consistent, and that's something that I need to do for the rest of the year…it’s just one performance.

“I'm still learning the position of six...that was probably my second full game there and I know this is going to be a learning process, but today, I just sort of focused on playing my game, what makes me tick and where I like to be."


“It’s blown out of was one player went to Bali," O’Brien said.

"The reality is we've got two more byes in the next five weeks, and we plan to train for them, so the biggest stretch of games was nine (in the previous rounds), this one was the one to have a rest in.

Bradman bests Jojo Fifita

"There's always going to be speculation about him [KP], about the team.… but hopefully, we can get more performances like we got out there today.

"And whether that's an indication for anyone out there, that doesn't concern me, I don’t worry about that stuff.


“In the first half, I was really happy for Phoenix I thought he led in intent…I thought he was great with that sort of stuff.

"He’s on a journey, learning a new position as well...but I can't fault the effort that you know, Kalyn and Phoenix have given us, particular over the last couple of weeks and how hard they're working, to learn a new craft."

Crossland on playing in the middle and home victory


“I think this is the best Tyson has played for our Club. That’s not to put down the last few years…I think he's healthy, he's body's healthy," O'Brien said.

"He's playing that way….I've got nothing to do with Origin but he’d be in my team.


"Off the back of the performance against Parra, I just wanted to perform good today," Ponga said.

“I can't worry about Queensland or selections or anything like that. The focus was on recovery and you know, training well for next week.

"Obviously, it's a prestigious honour to represent Queensland and if I get to do it again, I'd be privileged, honoured and humbled. But I can't worry about selection. I got to worry about my performances.”