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Presser Points: AOB reacts to Panthers battle

The nib Newcastle Knights played out a golden-point battle against the Penrith Panthers at McDonald Jones Stadium last night.

Match Highlights: Knights v Panthers

Head Coach Adam O'Brien and forward Tyson Frizell spoke after the game on the performance, future improvements and penalties.


"I'm really happy with some of the effort...I'm not being over critical and tonight's not the night. We clearly didn't control the first half of the second half very well," O'Brien said.

"There was a heap of ill discipline with a 5-nil penalty count in that period. I think we finished the first half with 52% completion and we were up 14-6 at half-time so we need to be better, but we're learning.

We'll learn from that loss. You can see there's a group in there that's really disappointed and they put a lot of effort in, especially defensively.

"We've been building...we've been gradually improving in little areas. We don't want to let this loss, derail that improvement. We're working really hard during the week, players and staff and we want to keep investing in the way we want to play.

Gamble gets the Knights firing

"This town backs us, whether we win or loose. They ride the emotions and the wins with us. We've spoken before, when we win games and perform, people in Newcastle walk a bit taller. I guess they were proud of the effort we put in today but we want results as well," Frizell said. 


"Tonight he came up with some really big plays for us and that's what he does, he competes. I think him, along with Jackson Hastings, Adam ElliotT and Jack Hetherington...we've brought in competitors," O'Brien said.


Gamble reacts to heartbreaking loss to Penrith

"We were in the right formation, our short kick-off setups but we need to execute it...we'll practice on our goal kicking.


"Him and Kurt, I planned to have those two guys share it tonight...I'm pretty happy with the kid, he's doing a hell of a job," O'Brien said. 

Can't stop Crossland


"I spoke about it after and he [referee] wasn't directed directly at him which he thought it was but that's the way he took it and a penalty came from it," Frizell said.