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Senior Reps team lists: Round 6 & 10

The nib Newcastle Knights Senior Representative sides have been named for Round 6 and 10 of their respective seasons.

The NSW Cup side and Jersey Flegg Cup side will play a part in a triple-header this Sunday at McDonald Jones Stadium, before the NRL main game.

Kicking off the day, the Jersey Flegg Cup team will play the Roosters at 1:45pm. The NSW Cup team will follow at 3:45pm, taking on the Warriors.

Also, our NSW Women's Premiership team will be back in action in Round 10, playing the Illawarra Steelers at Collegians Sporting Complex, Wollongong this Saturday.

See the teams below:

NSW Cup v Warriors

1. Bailey Hodgson

2. Keanu Wainohu-Kemp

3. Simi Sasagi

4. Enari Tuala

5. Ethan Ferguson

6. Ryan Rivett

7. Liam Sutton

8. David Hollis

9. Temple Kalepo

10. Ben Talty

11. Eddie Hampson

12. Oryn Keeley

13. Thomas Cant


14. Noah Nailogoliva

15. Toni Tupouniua

16. Sebastian Su'a

17. Cooper Jenkins

Extended Bench:

18. Chris Slater-Raptis

Coach: Michael Monaghan


NSW Women's Premiership v Steelers

1. Tamika Upton

2. Anika Butler

3. Tylah Vallance

4. Jasmin Strange

5. Taylah Gray

6. Shanice Parker

7. Jesse Southwell

8. Tayla Predebon

9. Olivia Higgins

10. Jacinta Carter

11. Bree Chester

12. Yasmin Clydsdale

13. Jules Kirkpatrick


14. Kayla Romaniuk

15. Tazmyne Luschwitz

16. Tiana Davison

17. Kyra Simon

Extended Bench:

18. Tayla Montgomery

Coach: Ronald Griffiths


Jersey Flegg Cup v Roosters

1. Logan Jones

2. Freeman Forsythe

3. Chris Vea'ila

4. Jahoiyakim Afoa

5. Luke Pietzner

6. Harry Reid

7. Mitch Henderson

8. Jack Cullen

9. Takarei Kuru

10. Braye Guyan

11. Travis Peterson

12. Jhett Butler

13. Lachlan Williams


14. Declan Pettit

15. Caleb Garvie

16. Tamakaimoana Whareaorere

17. Aiden Sheppard

Extended Bench:

18. Hunta Saunders

Coach: Tony Gleeson