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2022 Senior Reps team lists Round 23

The nib Newcastle Knights Knock-On-Effect NSW Cup and Jersey Flegg Cup teams have been named for their respective games this weekend.

The two senior men's teams will take on the Canberra Raiders pathway outfits this weekend.

The NSW Cup team will play before the NRL and NRLW fixtures on Sunday at McDonald Jones Stadium, kicking off at 1:30pm.

In the Jersey Flegg Cup fixture, the Knights will play the Raiders on Saturday at No.2 Sports Ground, starting at 11:30am.

See the teams below:

NSW Cup v Raiders

1. McKenzie Baker

2. Brayden Musgrove

3. Bradman Best

4. Enari Tuala

5. Hymel Hunt

6. Liam Wilkinson

7. Floyd Tighe

8. Jirah Momoisea

9. Chris Randall

10. John Toleafoa

11. Jack Johns

12. Nicholas O'Meley

13. Liam Wiscombe


14. Luke Huth

15. Lachlan Williams

16. Tevita Toloi

17. Heath Gibbs

Extended Bench:

18. Harry Croker

Coach: Mark O'Meley

Jersey Flegg Cup v Raiders

1. Fletcher Sharpe

2. Ethan Ferguson

3. Chris Vea'ila

4. James Johnson

5. Luke Pietzner

6. Kurt Donoghoe

7. Riley Jones

8. Max Bradbury

9. Noah Nailagoliva

10. Callan Burgess

11. Brock Greacen

12. Tom Cant

13. Jaron Purcell


14. Mitch Henderson

15. Paul Bryan

16. Jyris Glamuzina

17. Myles Martin

Extended Bench:

18. Travis Petersen

Coach: Tony Gleeson