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Mind games: Brailey on the mental aspect of recovering from a long-term injury

The road to recovery from a long-term injury is arduous and challenging.

Adding to the physical toll of the injury is the mental fatigue that can come from months on the sideline.

Jayden Brailey has ridden the rollercoaster of the game in recent years suffering two lengthy setbacks including a ruptured achilles in the pre-season.

On the KNIGHTS // HQ Podcast, the Club Captain provided an update on his recovery process and spoke about some motivation he received to conquer the mental battle.

“I remember speaking to James Te Huna, our wrestle coach," Brailey said on the KNIGHTS // HQ Podcast.

“He told me that he had something like 13 or 14 surgeries across five years.

“He always thought that he may not be physically capable at the time, but the mental steeliness he gained from that, he came back mentally stronger in the end.

“That really sat well with me and I’ve been thinking about that a lot.

"I think it has been a lot harder because it's been my second long-term (injury).

"I'm maintaining my fitness on the ski-erg, the bike because I'm returning to play (this year).

“I’m just hoping I come out the other side, the strongest I’ve ever been. 

"I've got to keep fit and positive, as it's not too far around the corner."

Listen to the full episode HERE or on all available podcast platforms including Apple, Spotify and Google.