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'I was in hospital on a drip': Gagai reveals 'crazy' injury scare in the lead-up to Origin

Dane Gagai has been a continual force for the Queensland Maroons since his debut in the representative arena in 2015.

Looking back to State of Origin Game I, 2021 and the Knights off-season recruit was almost ruled out of the huge opening game due to an unusual injury.

On the KNIGHTS // HQ Podcast, Gagai revealed his bout with tonsillitis and how it has plagued him for the majority of his life.

The centre also spoke about his recent surgery to have his tonsils removed and the fact he was bed ridden in the lead-up to one of the biggest games of the year.

"It was a funny facade during Origin time that someones got sick and they're just trying to pull the wool over the eyes," Gagai said on the KNIGHTS // HQ Podcast.

"Playing the mind games, but I was genuinely sick.

"I had tonsillitis when I was about 10 years old and my tonsils would flare up every year.

"When I got them taken out, I spoke to the surgeon and he said 'I couldn't believe you've been doing this for so long.'

"He said 'when I cut them open, they were full of puss' and I was thinking that had been for a couple of weeks or months, but he said that was '15 years to 20 years' (of build up).

'It was just a trigger so whenever I was feeling run down, my immune system would trigger them off and release into my bloodstream and I would get super crook.

"I was actually in hospital on a drip in the lead-up to Origin so I had to try get ready in seven days and get my body right.

"I was talking to one old bloke who had his taken out at this age and he said 'in 40 years, he hasn't got crook with a sore throat' so fingers crossed that is the situation now.

The experienced and dynamic outside-back also spoke about the factors in his decision to re-join the Newcastle Knights.

Gagai spent six seasons at the Club which included a run of three straight wooden spoons.

The 31-year-old said there is a massive sense of unfinished business for himself and the squad.

Gagai: 'I want to repay the fans'

"I left on three wooden spoons and I've gone on to play in a Grand Final," Gagai said.

"I know what that feeling is like and I want that feeling for these boys here.

"Those guys who were coming through, we were just losing week in, week out.

"Now they're in a different position where they have gone on to play finals.

"We've got the team to do it now, and to rewrite what I left on, is another reason (I came back)

"These boys have done an unreal job, and I'm just going to come in and do everything I can to try help this team win a premiership."

Listen to the full episode HERE to hear more from our off-season signing including his recent Grand Final experience, his connection with the Knights supporters and more on his decision to move back to Newcastle.