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No Place Like Home // Knights reflect on what they miss most

What do you miss most about going to the football?

The crisp, winter air hitting your face as you walk into the stadium.

The decision over which jersey to wear as you get ready.

The smell of the hot chips, the sweet taste of a soft drink or the bitter texture of a cold beer.

The sound of ‘Better’ as the team runs onto McDonald Jones Stadium.

The ecstasy of a win, or agony of a loss.

What do you miss most?

For Knights captain, Kalyn Ponga, the answer was easy.

“Definitely our crowd,” Ponga said.

“How supportive they are, how much they get behind us and that ‘Newcastle’ chant.”

Ponga is often one of the star attractions when people make their weekly pilgrimage to Turton Road, along with strike centre Bradman Best.

With the team now based on the Sunshine Coast and playing out the season north of the border, Best said while he was grateful the game continued, he missed plenty about life at home.

“The thing I miss most about Newcastle is playing in front of the great home crowds and the Newcastle lifestyle.”

There’s nothing quite like the sound of 20,000 supporters leaping to their feet in excitement and anticipation when the likes of Best receive the ball.

Inspiration from Home

Notwithstanding the rapturous sounds of satisfaction as Daniel Saifiti toils away in the middle.

“We’re really missing playing at McDonald Jones Stadium,” Saifiti said.

“We miss the ‘Newcastle’ chant – It gets us home most days.”

It’s the unmistakeable and nationally renowned beating heart of McDonald Jones Stadium.

The sound of a capacity crowd lifting their side, whether they’re on the back foot or surging towards victory.

It makes the hairs stand on end and encourages even the most down and strained player to dig deep. To find resilience.

New-cas-tle. New-cas-tle. New-cas-tle.

Right there – You can hear it clear as day in your own head.

While it might seem like a distant memory or a far-fetched future, a homecoming is right around the corner.

And when it arrives, we can’t wait to see you there.

At our home. Your home.

McDonald Jones Stadium.

We miss it, just as much as you do.