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Pearce's road to recovery

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This week, the series takes a look at Mitchell Pearce’s two-and-a-half month road to recovery following the pectoral injury he sustained against the Dragons back in April.


After sustaining a similar injury in 2018, Pearce immediately knew that the injury was serious after attempting to make a tackle on Tariq Sims.

“The last time I had a serious pec injury I had a similar feeling,” Pearce said.

“It wasn’t as bad at first contact so I was hopeful that I might have just strained it or something but as the set went on, about 2-3 minutes later I started to feel it expanding a bit and that’s when you know you’ve had a rupture and it’s kind of serious.”

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Pearce was rushed into surgery as quickly as possible, with his rehab journey beginning soon after.

“I was really lucky I got in pretty much within two or three days so once you get the surgery you are recovering for a week or so,” he said.

Following surgery Peace was quick to build into his training programs, including doing some one arm weights and a lot of aerobic fitness on the bike.

Other than Pearce’s previous pectoral injury, the only serious injury he had is a ruptured hamstring in 2015 during his time at the Roosters.

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“Any time I’ve been injured I just try and take the time to see what I can work on to come back better,” Pearce said.

“I’ve sat back and tried to see the game from a different perspective and see where I can help the team and then personally what I can add when I come back.”

This is just a snippet of Pearce's journey.

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