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The best of the KNIGHTS // HQ Podcast so far

The KNIGHTS // HQ Podcast, hosted by Triple M legend Frank Barrett, drops every fortnight and gives fans insight into the lives of high-profile Knights players and other special guests.

Since the first podcast aired in March, we have heard from the likes of Mitchell Pearce, Kalyn Ponga and Kurt Mann and have been given a glimpse into their lives outside of football.

Here's the best of the podcast so far, with plenty more to come between now and the season's end.


Episode 2 - Mitchell Pearce's tennis tantrum

In the podcast's second episode, we heard from Mitchell Pearce in the lead up to his 300th NRL game.

The man known as 'Junior' revealed he first got into Rugby League at the age of 10 after he tried his hand at plenty of other sports.

“I played soccer for a while, played a lot of tennis when I was younger. Really enjoyed tennis,” Pearce said.

“I remember at school I was playing tennis, and being a competitor, I had to go and see the principal because I spat the dummy.

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“I ended up throwing the racquet and broke it."

Pearce didn't get away with incident scot-free, with consequences soon following.

“We were playing against another school and I had to write a letter into the teachers and everything.

“Mum and Dad pulled me up pretty hard for that.”

These days Pearce has been getting into mindfulness, including stillness breathing to slow himself down.

The 32-year-old claims he has seen unbelievable benefits.

“I’ve been reading a book lately called 'How To Live Like A Monk,” he said.

“It’s actually a really cool read.

“It’s just about mindfulness stuff so I’ve been reading that and enjoying it.”

Episode 3 - KP's life away from the game

In the following episode, we heard from Kalyn Ponga about the creative activities he has been getting into outside of the NRL, including working on the 257.collective podcast.

“I don’t really mind if it’s photos, or the podcast is a bit of a creative outlet or just creating content in general,” Ponga said.

“I think fashion isn’t really my thing - it’s more Connor’s thing but anything really in that space.”

Kalyn & Connor: Creativity, life away from footy and giving back

Ponga also talked about his other sporting achievements including winning the New Zealand title for golf as a 13-year-old.

“Golf is quite a hard sport, there’s a lot of hours and you’re on your own,” he continued.

“I like team sport.

“It wasn’t for me in the end.”

He also revealed that he almost ended up playing AFL and had a five year plan to work hard for two years, learn the game and debut in the third year.

“I half-signed with the Lions,” he added.

“I could be playing AFL right now if it wasn’t for the Knights.”

Ponga: Almost joining the AFL, junior golfing prodigy and shared ambitions

Episode 4 - Kurt Mann's connection to ANZAC Day

Ahead of ANZAC Round, Kurt Mann took to the studio where he shared his family’s story about his grandfather fighting in World War II.

“My grandfather was in the anti-aircraft regiment,” Mann said.

“He ended up in Papua New Guinea, his brother ended up over in Borneo and they fought there.”

Reflecting on his grandfather’s experience Mann admits that he would like to complete the Kokoda Track someday.

The horror moment Mann will never forget

“I’d love to do the Kokoda track,” he added.

“I need to find someone who’s pretty keen to do it with me.

“My brother and I have spoken about doing it together but it hasn’t come about yet.”

Mann also talked about his early days playing Rugby League and his infamous moment in the S.G. Ball Cup when he kicked the ball behind him to get it dead and it didn’t. Almost losing his team the Grand Final.

“I have people ask me about it all the time,” he continued.

“It’s been 10 years.”

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