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Presser Points: O'Brien reacts to our Rd 10 loss

The game might have opened Magic Round, but there wasn't a lot of magic oozing out of the nib Newcastle Knights on Friday.

The 36-18 result was disappointing for the team and no one was more frustrated than Adam O'Brien after the game.

The Head Coach faced the media shortly after full-time and didn't miss with his dissection of the contest.

Underlying Issues

O'Brien shared the frustrations of many success-starved Knights fans as he unloaded on the team's ongoing consistency issues.

The Boss wasn't hiding from responsibility either.

"We've got to find a way in this Club to learn how to win again," O'Brien said.

"We need to learn what it takes week in, week out.

"It sits with me.

"The Club is used to this roller-coaster we're on, and we need to get off it."

AOB dissects our loss to the Tigers

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Physicality Weakness

AOB's biggest complaint was concern around the team's physicality in tough encounters.

The Knights were constantly beaten to the punch by enthusiastic Tigers pack, who each had a point to prove of their own after being thrashed by the Titans last week on home soil.

"It's a huge concern," he said.

"That's the part of the game you've got to win, it's Rugby League.

"It's why not everyone plays this sport.

"We've got to dust ourselves off and get up to Townsville now."

Fighting adversity

O'Brien expressed serious concern that his troops were not responding well when things don't go their way in games.

The Knights had wrestled back momentum at the start of the second half, only to leak two tries after a tight obstruction call against Lachlan Fitzgibbon.

"There's definitely some mental stuff there," O'Brien said.

"If it's feeling good, it's feeling good and if it's feeling bad, it's feeling bad for us.

"We've just got to find a way to get on with things. You're not always going to have things go your way, but you can still wrestle it back.

"We're not willing to do that at the moment."

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