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Tahu tackles concussion through technology

A tackling technique championed by Knights legend Timana Tahu is under the spotlight following research results from the University of Newcastle.

The research, involving the use of video game technology, has led to the University recommending players change their technique in order to reduce the risk of concussion injuries in rugby league.

The research was funded by the NRL and involved Tahu being filmed tackling with motion 3D cameras.

Tahu toldĀ Newcastle Herald scribe Damon Cronshaw that he was keen to ensure players of all ages were fully educated on how to reduce the risk of sustaining repeated concussions throughout their career.

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"We work together because they have specialist research skills and I'm a specialist at being a professional athlete," Tahu told The Herald.

"Knowledge is important and that's where the university plays a role.

"I want parents and kids to have the best information available."

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