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Getting to know ... Sauaso Sue!

Ahead of the 2021 season, sat down with Sauaso Sue in an effort to get to know him a little better.

Who am I: Sauaso Sue

Who is most important to me: My family

Greatest off-field achievement: Being a father to my two boys

Something you wouldn’t know about me is: I have two sons named Ziko and Zion!

I’d be lost without: My coffee in the morning!

What I love most about living in Newcastle: The people and everything being less than twenty minutes away!

I grew up: Macquarie Fields, Western Sydney

People would describe me as: Funny! People who don't know me probably think I'm angry, but I'm actually pretty chilled

Johns: Cessnock connection and chance to impress

As a kid my hero was: My uncle

They were my hero because: When my parents separated he became a father figure in my life and I really looked up to him

The last book I read was: The Bible

My favourite thing to do in Newcastle is: Go to the beach

My greatest on field moment: My debut against the Tigers, it was a long time ago now!