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Why the Tamworth region is important to the Knights

The Knights have returned to Tamworth.

The Knights arrived back in the Country Music Capital for a second week-long stint in camp, following a massive week spent there in the 2020 pre-season.

For Adam O'Brien, it's a week he's hoping to emulate.

"We had a really productive camp here last year," O'Brien said.

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"It's not only the work we get done during the day, but also the work we get done out in the community here."

Community was one of the tentpoles of the 2019 camp, with O'Brien organising for the squad and staff to spend a morning out on drought-stricken farms, assisting the owners and hearing their stories of resilience and fighting spirit.

Since December '19, the area has undergone significant change, with the once-orange and barren soil now a lush green.

It's a change which wasn't lost on the players as the bus pulled into the area.

"All the boys last night made the comment about how happy they were about how green it all is," O'Brien said.

"Just listening to the guys last night about how happy they are that everybody stuck it out and got through the drought, it's a good reminder that if you're nice and resilient and tough, good things are on the other side."

Community will again be a major part of this year's camp, with the boys to spend Wednesday visiting different areas of the town, before a junior coaching clinic with around 100 children in attendance takes place in the afternoon.

"It's just as important as this training session we're about to conduct now," O'Brien said.

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"We get out in our region and connect with the locals here, because they've been really good to us over not just my time here.

"The Knights have always had an affiliation with Tamworth."

For those who weren't on the camp last year, such as GM of Football Danny Buderus, the stunning beauty of the New England region has been more than apparent.

"It's stunning out here," Buderus said.

"It's perfect for what we need.

"We're back here again because it was an outstanding week for the guys last year."

Buderus was quick to point out the other major dimension the camp provides.

"Another reason we're out here is to show a pathway down to the NRL, hopefully at the Newcastle Knights," he said.

"We've got Mitch Henderson training out here today, he's a Tamworth boy.

"He's a good young player, he'll jump into our full-time squad in November so it's a great opportunity for him to get a bit of a head start."

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As for the newly nicknamed 'Tamworth Warriors', our Coach had no concerns with sharing a region he is proud to give back to.

"I think the community did a great job getting behind the Warriors," O'Brien said.

"I think this region is big enough for both, and having two NRL teams here is only a good thing."