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A to Z guide on season 2021

The 2021 season is edging closer, and with that in mind, has compiled an A to Z guide on everything you need to know ahead of the new season.

A is for… Adam

As in O’Brien. With a year’s Head Coaching experience now under his belt, AOB will be looking to take the Knights even deeper into the finals in ’21.

B is for… Bradman

As in Best. Or beast. Either is acceptable!

C is for… Crowds

With 2020 now behind us, lets cross our fingers we’ll see far bigger crowds throughout the year!

D is for… Draw

View it by clicking here!

E is for… Extraordinary

We saw some unbelievable things in 2020, and we have a feeling we’ll see many more next year!

F is for… Finals

We finally returned to them last year, and the boys will be looking to build on our 7th place finish in ’21.

G is for… Goals

Whether it’s kicking them on the field or achieving them off the field, the team will be seeking to knock over some more progress this season.

H is for… Hoy

As in Tex. After nine appearances in 2020 where he caught the attention of the NRL, Hoy will be seeking to step things up in 2021.

I is for… Ice

Think back to Rd14, with Kalyn Ponga and Enari Tuala combining to ice a try and conversion with the game on the line against Manly.

J is for… Jayden

As in Brailey. After a year on the sidelines thanks to an ACL injury, Brailey will be attempting to kick-start his Knights career in 2021.

K is for… Kalyn

Now a two-time Danny Buderus Medal winner, KP will look to go to another level in 2021.

L is for… Losses

Let’s hope we avoid these like coronavirus this year!

M is for… McDonald Jones Stadium

We only played there eight times in 2020, with that number boosting back up to 12 next year. We can’t wait!

N is for… Newcastle

This town is everything to us, and we’ll be doing all we can to do it proud in 2021.

O is for… October

The first Sunday of October is where we’re ultimately looking towards.

P is for… Performance

These are sure to come at a higher-level next year.

Q is for… Queues.

If you want to skip a couple of them, click here and become a 2021 member!

R is for… Revenge

Looking at you, South Sydney.

S is for… Shutdown

We had one in 2020. If we could avoid another one, that would be amazing!

T is for… Tyson

The Australian and NSW backrower is arriving for the new season and is set to become a fan favourite at McDonald Jones in 2021.

U is for… #UKNIGHTED

We couldn’t have gotten through last season with your support, and this year will be exactly the same!

V is for… Virus

Let’s hope this doesn’t play much of a role this time around!

W is for… Wins

We picked up 11 of them last year, and we’ll be looking for even more this time.

X is for… X Factor

Think Ponga. Think Pearce. Think Watson. Think Brailey. Throw in the likes of Tex Hoy and Kurt Mann, and it’s an area the Knights certainly aren’t lacking in.

Y is for… Young

The towering centre has arrived from the UK, and we can’t wait to see him in action!

Z is for… Zealous

We’re that excited for the new year, and hope you are too!