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Here at, we're always on the look out for a classic rugby league story from yester-year.

One of the best we've come across recently came in the first edition of the Knights Country magazine, published in June 1992.

On page seven of the publication, Tony Kemp penned the following article detailing his hilarious encounter with Paul 'Chief' Harragon in Canberra earlier that year.

Local heroes come no bigger than ‘Flavour of the Month’, big Chief Harragon. Chief has certainly started the season with a bang and is right up there in contention for a test jumper.

Chief reminds me a bit of Hulk Hogan and while in Canberra recently that was a little too close for comfort. After the Canberra game Chief and myself found ourselves on standby for a flight from Sydney to Newcastle. Luck has it that there was only one seat left on that flight.

Chief Hogan decided that the best way to decide who got the last seat was to have a wrestling match in the middle of the airport. Having to think as fast as my frightened mind would allow me, I suggested a toss of the coin would be more appropriate and less damaging to myself…

After the best of three I happened to end up with the flight home and Chief still wanted that wrestling match. Rumour has it that Chief went straight to the medical for the State team from Mascot Airport.