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First half blitz sinks Knights in the North

FINAL SCORE: Knights 20-32 Cowboys

The nib Newcastle Knights have gone down to the Cowboys 32-20 at Queensland Country Bank Stadium.

Re-live the game by scrolling below.

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Saturday 5:50pm: And that just about wraps things up here for Round 7's Game-Day Blog. We'll be back to do it all again for next week's clash with the old enemy, Manly! While you're here, why not keep scrolling and re-live today's game. Signing off, Knights Media.

Saturday 5:47pm: Adam O'Brien has his say post match.

O’Brien: Complacency, poor finishing, poor defence

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Saturday 5:22pm: All the moments that mattered from today's loss. Plenty to work on ahead of next week.

Highlights: Fast-starting Cowboys stun Knights

Saturday 5:12pm: The good, the bad, and the ugly stats to come out of today's game. Click here to view.

Saturday 5:10pm: Not a lot of good to come out of this one, but we can bet this clip will live long on Tex Hoy's highlights tape!

Watch: Hoy through the middle scores first NRL try

Saturday 5:10pm: Some solid NRL Fantasy scores despite a tough result. View the full list by clicking here.

Saturday 5:05pm: Not the result we were after, but here's all the best shots from today's game. View the gallery below or click here if you're on the app.


80' | Sione Mata'utia makes an error on the second tackle, and that will just about be game over.

79' | The call is NO TRY, with Scott Drinkwater going to the sin bin for a professional foul.

79' | BUNKER! We could have a penalty try to Kalyn Ponga!

78' | Clifford again finds touch with his fifth tackle option.

77' | A good set from the Knights, however it comes to nothing with a handover on the Cowboys 10.

76' | KP is waved away. Knights 20-32 Cowboys

75' | TRY! Gehamat Shibasaki scores in the corner. Knights 20-32 Cowboys

74' | The decision is NO TRY. Knights earn a penalty.

74' | BUNKER. We're checking a Justin O'Neill try, after the centre went the length after taking a bomb.

71' | David Klemmer makes an error trying to offload. Sums up the Knights day so far.

70' | Kalyn Ponga takes the ball in his own in goal, earning a 20m restart

69' | Daniel Saifiti makes a big line break, however puts the ball down when tackled.

68' | The Knights hold firm, and earn a seven tackle set.

66' | A line drop out is forced by Scott Drinkwater, however Esan Marsters looked certain to score.

65' | The Cowboys receive six more tackles after Aidan Guerra plays at a Clifford kick. Huge chance for the Cowboys.

64' | A CHANCE GONE BEGGING! A clever Klemmer offload presents an overlap for Kalyn Ponga, however the No.1's kick is too deep.

63' NO TRY. The on-field call is confirmed, with the Knights receiving a penalty.

63' | BUNKER. Esan Marsters crosses, however the call on field is no try.

62' | Pearce kicks from halfway, with the game settling into an arm wrestle phase.

61' | The Cowboys return serve with a quality set.

60' | A tidy set from the Knights after points. Cowboy bringing the ball out of trouble.

59' | KP adds the extras. Knights 16-32

58' | TRY!!! Kurt Mann grabs our third! Knights 14-32 Cowboys.

57' | PENALTY. The Knights earn a penalty after Mitchell Pearce is taken off the ball

56' | The Cowboys throw the ball into touch on the last, handing the ball over on the Newcastle 10.

55' | Mitchell Pearce's tough afternoon continues, with his kick sailing out on the full.

54' | KP is waved away. Knights 10-32 Cowboys

53' | TRY! Hymel Hunt grabs his second of the year after some quick hands from Kalyn Ponga. Knights 10-32 Cowboys

53' | BUNKER. Hymel Hunt crosses, with on-field decision of try.

52' | The Knights receive a six again call, putting them deep on the attack.

51' | Scott Drinkwater places a foot in touch, handing the ball back to the Knights

50' | Herman Ese'ese literally throws an opportunity away, throwing a Cowboys intercept.

49' | The Knights earn a set restart, placing them on the attack.

48' | Kalyn Ponga does extremely well to take a Clifford bomb, then earns a penalty on the back of it.

47' | Feldt adds the extras. Knights 6-32 Cowboys.

45' | The Cowboys hit straight back through Coen Hess. Knights 6-30 Cowboys

44' | Mitchell Pearce's kick is charged down, and the Cowboys go back on the attack.

43' | KP adds the extras. Knights 6-26 Cowboys

42' | TRY KNIGHTS!!! Tex Hoy crosses after a clean line break from Lachlan Fitzgibbon! Knights 4-26 Cowboys

41' | A solid first set from the Cowboys, who are taking Kalyn Ponga out of the game by kicking for touch to finish their sets.

40' | We're back underway.

HALF-TIME | We're behind at the change of ends.

39' | Feldt converts. Knights 0-26 Cowboys

39' The Cowboys score again, this time through Kyle Feldt. Knights 0-24 Cowboys.

38' | The Cowboys continue to dominate, with the Knights again making an error on the last tackle.

36' | Tex Hoy makes an error with his first touch.

35' | Error. Daniel Saifiti drops a ball cold on the first tackle.

34' | Kalyn Ponga forces a line drop out, with Justin O'Neill taking his kick dead in goal.

33' | ERROR! Daniel Saifiti forces a Cowboys error, giving the Knights a big opportunity.

32' | A better set from the Knights, turning the ball over inside the Cowboys red zone.

31' | The Knights are let off the hook, with the Cowboys making an unforced error.

30' | A great set from the Cowboys ends with Gehamat Shibasaki being trapped in goal. Another attacking set coming for the Cowboys.

29' | A poor kick from Mitchell Pearce is taken in goal by Scott Drinkwater, who earns a seven tackle set from the 20m restart.

28' | PENALTY. The Knights get another set on the Cowboys line after they're caught offside.

27' | PENALTY. The Knights start their set deep in Cowboys territory after Herman Ese'ese is caught high.

27' | The Cowboys are currently controlling 62% of possession.

26' | It's another rinse and repeat kind of set from the Cowboys, who are totally dominating this game so far. Knights with a scrum feed deep in their own territory.

25' | Feldt converts. Knights 0-20 Cowboys

24' | Jake Clifford is awarded the try. Knights 0-18 Cowboys

24' | BUNKER. Jake Clifford crosses for the Cowboys, with the on-field decision of try.

23' | Kalyn Ponga's kick is charged down, with Jason Taumalolo taking the ball on the halfway line. Another opportunity for the Cowboys.

22' | The Cowboys repeat the last set, completing their set and drilling the kick into touch.

21' | Tim Glasby has left the field for a HIA.

21' | Feldt converts from in front. Knights 0-14 Cowboys

20' | Try Cowboys. North Queenland go the length through Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow. Knights 0-12 Cowboys

19' | A decent set from the Knights in response. Cowboys bringing it out of trouble.

18' | Another big set from the Cowboys, making 55 metres and drilling a kick into touch.

16' | Feldt kicks the penalty goal. Knights 0-8 Cowboys

15' | PENALTY. McCullough is penalised again for a hand on the ball, with the Cowboys opting to take the two points.

14' | The Cowboys force a repeat set, with Enari Tuala batting an Esan Marsters kick dead.

12' | PENALTY. Andrew McCullough is caught not square at marker. Cowboys on the attack.

12' | An important completion from the Knights, trapping the Cowboys inside their 10.

11' | A neat set after points from the Cowboys, driving Edrick Lee back inside his 20.

10' | Kyle Feldt converts the try. Knights 0-6 Cowboys.

9' | Try Cowboys. The North Queensland side capitalise on some poor Knights defence, crossing through Justin O'Neill. Knights 0-4 Cowboys.

8' | ERROR. Shibasaki again spills the ball.

8' | Reece Robson makes an error, handing the ball back to the Knights on their own 10m line.

7' | ERROR. Gehamat Shibasaki makes his second error of the game, giving the Cowboys a huge chance to launch an attack.

7' | Another good set from North Queensland, trapping Edrick Lee inside his own 10.

6' | HELD UP! Andrew McCullough is held up, after Lachlan Fitzgibbon is dragged down just short of the line. The Cowboys earn possession back.

5' | The Knights earn a set restart, and set up camp in the Cowboys red zone.

4' | A good set from the Cowboys, with Ponga fielding a Jake Clifford kick on his own 20.

3' Gehamat Shibasaki spills the ball, with Edrick Lee unmarked to his left.

2' | ERROR! Cowboys fullback Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow spills a Mitchell Pearce bomb, giving the Knights a full set on the attack.

1' | The Cowboys kick off sails within a metre of the dead-ball line, however the Knights still manage to work the ball just short of the halfway line.

0' | We're underway in Townsville! Knights 0-0 Cowboys

Saturday 2:50pm: Boys looking sharp. Kick off in 10!

Saturday 2:00pm: LATE MAIL | We're 1-17 for today's clash with the Cowboys.

KNIGHTS: 1. Kalyn Ponga, 2. Edrick Lee, 3. Enari Tuala, 4. Gehamat Shibasaki, 5. Hymel Hunt, 6. Kurt Mann, 7. Mitchell Pearce (c), 8. David Klemmer, 9. Andrew McCullough, 10. Daniel Saifiti, 11. Lachlan Fitzgibbon, 12. Sione Mata'utia, 13. Tim Glasby. INTERCHANGE: 14. Tex Hoy, 15. Jacob Saifiti, 16. Herman Ese'ese, 17. Aidan Guerra

Meanwhile, the Cowboys have confirmed the following 17, with some late changes in their forward pack.

COWBOYS: 1. Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow, 2. Kyle Feldt, 3. Justin O’Neill, 4. Esan Marsters, 18. Tom Opacic, 6. Scott Drinkwater, 7. Jake Clifford, 8. Josh McGuire, 9. Reece Robson, 20. Jordan McLean, 19. Shane Wright, 12. Coen Hess, 13. Jason Taumalolo (c). INTERCHANGE: 10. Francis Molo, 14. Ben Hampton, 15. Gavin Cooper, 16. Peter Hola.

Saturday 1:35pm: Townsville turning one on. Late Mail coming very shortly!

Saturday 10am: Townsville bound.

Saturday 10am: It's Game-Day! Keep it glued here for all of today's action against the Cowboys! Late Mail at 2pm, with kick off at 3pm. Lets do this!

Friday 5pm: The 8th Immortal has previewed tomorrow's game. See what he had to say by watching the video below!

Joey’s Rd7 preview: Edge asset, Cows threat, Saf bros

Friday 5pm: It's Voice for Mining Round! The boys have been donning the kits at training this week, and they look great! View the gallery below or click here if you're on the app.

Friday 5pm: Meanwhile, the Cowboys will take the following 19-man squad into the clash:

Cowboys: 1. Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow, 2. Kyle Feldt, 3. Justin O’Neill, 4. Esan Marsters, 18. Tom Opacic, 6. Scott Drinkwater, 7. Jake Clifford, 8. Josh McGuire, 9. Reece Robson, 10. Francis Molo, 20. Jordan McLean, 12. Coen Hess, 13. Jason Taumalolo (c), 14. Ben Hampton, 15. Gavin Cooper, 16. Peter Hola, 17. Reuben Cotter, 19. Shane Wright, 21. Jake Granville

Friday 3pm: SQUAD UPDATE | Adam O'Brien has omitted two players from his bench.

Brodie Jones and Phoenix Crossland have left the extended team list. 

UPDATED TEAM LIST: 1. Kalyn Ponga, 2. Edrick Lee, 3. Enari Tuala, 4. Gehamat Shibasaki, 5. Hymel Hunt, 6. Kurt Mann, 7. Mitchell Pearce (c), 8. David Klemmer, 9. Andrew McCullough, 10. Daniel Saifiti, 11. Lachlan Fitzgibbon, 12. Sione Mata'utia, 13. Tim Glasby, 14. Tex Hoy, 15. Jacob Saifiti, 16. Herman Ese'ese, 17. Aidan Guerra, 19. Tautau Moga, 21. Pasami Saulo

Friday 11am: The coach spoke to the media about the game.

This is what he had to say!

AOB: Centre pairing, respect for Cows, final 17

Friday 9:00am: Welcome to our official Game-Day Blog ahead of Saturday's game against North Queensland. Keep it glued here from start to finish on Game-Day, with live scores, blow by blow updates, late mail and behind the scenes news, photos and videos.