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Official list: Members selected to attend Round 6

The nib Newcastle Knights will be giving away 50 double passes for Thursday’s game to members who pledged for the 2020 season.

The Knights host the Brisbane Broncos at Central Coast Stadium in Round 6 with the lucky attendees selected at random.

Congratulations to the members who were selected.

Check below to see if your name is on the list:

Laura Ambler

Vanessa Hassing

David Bland 

Mark Hudson

Barbara Millgate

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Paul Martin 

Ewan Giles

Colin Jackson

Kellie Waters

Chris Maddocks

Justine Harris

Sean Bovis

Cindy Carolan

David Benkovic

Michal Zlyden

Timothy O'Donnell

David Baker

Sylvia Heath

Amelia Dahms

Rhys Macdonald

Barry Fernance 

Marg Haren

Scott Longworth

George Jack

Greg Mowbray

Coffey Chris

Benji Nielsen 

John Murray

Tim Russell

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Kathleen Freund

Marc Neiberding 

Travis Smith

Luke Zischke

Margaret Humphries 

Erin Nixon

Neil Brooks

Neville Berry 

Dale Leard

Darren Booth

Chris Green

Ryan Dunn 

Dylan Nash

Justin Ryan

Robert Hick

Bruce Harmer 

Robert Dawes

Jeff Bower 

Justine Carpenter

Allen Nardi 

Harry Rodgers