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It’s not every day a player sprays the Prime Minister of Australia.

But back in 1997, that’s exactly what the man appropriately nicknamed the ‘Mad Dog’ did.

Dual premiership winner Adam MacDougall claimed premiership rings in 97 and 2001 with the Newcastle Knights but according to the winger, he didn’t get his hands on the gold in 97 straight away.

That’s when he delivered a spray at former Prime Minister John Howard.

In MacDougall’s defence, he didn’t realise it was Howard at the time.

With his teammates taking the podium to collect their premiership rings following their victory over Manly, MacDougall was left empty handed once he reached the top.


“Every dog and his monkey got up to get a ring, every bloke who had a Newcastle Knights jacket,” MacDougall told Triple M’s The Rush Hour with MG late last year.

“I’ve gone up at the end because I was obviously celebrating with my family and was a bit late to stage.

“I’ve got up there and there’s a bloke handing out the rings. I didn’t take too much notice of who is was at the time but I went to stick my hand out for my ring and he said: “I’m sorry they’re all gone”.

That’s when MacDougall unleashed a gobful.

“I said; “what? They’re all gone? Are you f***ing serious, you idiot”,” he continued.

“People can look at the photo of the ‘97 grand final and you’ll see me with my head turned back and Robbie O’Davis telling me the bloke I’d just abused was former prime minister John Howard.

“He said; ‘you’ve just given the PM a gobful’.”

As history shows, additional rings were sought out and MacDougall soon had his bling and an almighty celebration with the people of Newcastle.