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Knights support NRL School to Work program

Backed by the nib Newcastle Knights, the NRL School 2 Work program is continuing to provide support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students during this trying time.

Ryan Varley and Charmaine Piper Project Officers in Newcastle are ensuring students have the tools they need for their next steps after school.

“It is such a different time at the moment and the more support Charmaine and I can offer the students the easier it will be for them”, Ryan said.

Finding new ways to work and ensuring that each contact with the students is individualised, the School 2 Work program, like students and teachers is adapting to online working and engagement.

For the senior students in year 11 and 12 this next 2 years will help shape what they do after school and the program wants to give students the best opportunities available to them.

The School 2 Work program covers a range of opportunities from work experience across industries, traineeships, employment opportunities and further studies.

“There is great students making a big difference in their school, in their families and communities and through the School to Work program we want to continue helping students push the boundaries to achieve great things” said Charmaine.

And despite everything that is currently happening, the School to Work program is still able to support the students throughout this program in what will be essentially be a really difficult time for people and families.

The NRL School to Work program is funded and supported by the Australian Government and uses the positive profile of rugby league to support and encourage Year 11 and 12 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to complete their schooling and successfully transition into further education or employment.

If you would like to be a part of the program, or would like more information please contact Charmaine Piper or Ryan Varley