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Plan for players to stay fit and healthy during self-isolation period

With the game suspended and players sent home to self-isolate, the nib Newcastle Knights have been tirelessly planning for this unprecedented period.

Unable to train in groups or event training facilities, the High Performance Unit have put a plan in place for the players to follow while away from headquarters.

It started earlier in the week with players receiving programs and nutritional advice, along with bands, agility cones and footballs.


“We have some programs which will help us keep some structure in our life which is what we are used to,” Sione Mata’utia said.

“Sticking to the plan that the coaches have for us, when we get back, we shouldn’t miss a beat.”

Hymel Hunt added; “I’ll do some push-ups and run up and down the stairs with my dog Archie and I might have a competition with some Tabata with my missus.”

While many NRL players, especially the forwards, will be focused on keeping their weight down, Mata’utia finds himself in a unique position.

The hulking backrower said maintaining weight will be one his challenges.

“I’ll have to improvise in the backyard. Swinging on my daughters swing, doing some chin-ups,” Mata’utia said.

“Eating well is the big one because I have a bad habit of losing a bit of weight, so trying to eat a lot of food to keep on the weight – that’s my way of trying to stay fit during this crazy time.”

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The players have also been given supplements to ensure they are getting the essential vitamins and amino acids they need while training at home.

But the most important factor when looking after their health, centres around nutrition.

Connor Watson understands that what he fuels his body with throughout this period is vital.

“Eat well and plan your meals,” he said.

“Its an easy option to order Uber eats but trying to stay on top of the nutrition, (the) majority part of staying fit and healthy is your diet.”

Test and Origin representative David Klemmer knows what it takes to prepare at the highest level.

“The Clubs looking after us with programs to do and apps to get on,” Klemmer said.

“I’ll be doing a lot of gym workouts at home by myself … running down the park. It’s got to be done. It’s what we do for a living. We want to come back bigger and stronger for when we’re ready (to return).”

Tim Glasby plans on making the most of living in close proximity to a park, while Connor Watson plans on keeping his skills sharp at the park.

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“I have a bunch of cones and a little band,” Watson said.

“The Club will give us gym equipment and while we’re allowed outside, going down to the oval and running around, doing some kicking and passing and stuff like that.

“Have to try and stay on top of it. We don’t want to be fit when we come back.”