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Gehamat Shibasaki recently spent some time at Hamilton North Public School.

The nib Newcastle Knights centre spoke with the stage three students and answered their questions.


Adopt a Knight - Gehamat Shibasaki Newcastle Knights Today the whole school was so excited to welcome Gehamat to our...

Posted by Hamilton North Public School NSW on Monday, 2 March 2020

Below are some of the responses from the students, following the visit.

Dear Gehamat, Thank you so much for visiting our school. We learnt so much about you and how you had to do chores before you could play. It was an awesome experience getting to know about you and learn about all the tips to be successful in football. You are such a nice guy and I was honoured to be able to meet someone who I watch on TV. You're my new favourite Knights player! I'm excited for your next visit at our school and I hope to see your next game at the stadium! I'm really looking forward to your next visit and to be able to have you stay for lunch!! It was also nice hearing about you brother and dad and about how they played football together! Thanks again Gem for coming and visiting our school. From Edie L :)

Dear Gehamat, Thanks so much for visiting our school. You’re such a legend and I am so lucky to have you here. You are so nice and caring. Thanks for sharing so much cool info. I’m so happy you came. I have been looking forward to this ever since they announced it! I can't wait for the first match against the warriors. I am so excited to watch you rip and tear in the outside backs (centres) Thanks. From Jesse F - your number one fan.