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Dragons blitz burns Knights in Maitland

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Re-live: Knights defeated in Maitland NRL trial

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Saturday 8:05pm: He only played 40 minutes, but Enari Tuala made quite the impression today. Hear the thoughts from the man himself below.

Tuala: Centre battle and Maitland trial

Saturday 7:56pm: Jayden Brailey has spoken post-match about the defeat. Watch the full chat below.

Brailey: Knights debut and Pearce combo

Saturday 7:51pm: It wasn't our day today, however there were some bloody good shots to come out of it. View them below or click here if you're on the app

FULL TIME | A tough afternoon in Maitland.

79' | Tristian Sailor adds the extras. Knights 12-38 Dragons

78' | Ben Hunt puts the icing on the cake for the Dragons, scoring a long range try under the posts. Knights 12-36 Dragons

76' | The Dragons have continued to relentlessly maintain the pressure throughout the entire second stanza, with the red and blue barely getting a look in.

71' | The conversion attempt is again unsuccessful. Knights 12-32 Dragons

70' | Jordan Pereira makes it four second half tries, again down the Knights right edge. Knights 12-32 Dragons

66' | Mason Lino adds the extras. Knights 12-28 Dragons

66' | TRY KNIGHTS! Luke Huth barges over from close range. Knights 10-28 Dragons

65' | Another Knights error gets the Dragons out of trouble

62' | Another Dragons kick finds touch on the full

60' | We're back underway for the final 20

THREE QUARTER TIME | The Dragons pile on the points in third period.

60' | Lomax's conversion is waved away. Knights 6-28 Dragons

58' | Jordan Pereira crosses for his hat-trick, with the Dragons now dominating this game. Knights 6-28 Dragons

58' | Another Knights penalty sends the Dragons on the attack

56' | Jirah Momoisea spills the ball close to the line, with the Dragons now coming out of their red zone.

55' | Ben Hunt's kick sails out on the full, gifting the Knights a chance to get back in the game

51' | In further bad news for the Knights, Sione Mata'utia has been assisted from the field. The Dragons conversion has also been successful. Knight 6-24 Dragons

50' | Brayden Williame crosses for another Dragons try. The Red V are on fire following the half-time break. Knights 6-22 Dragons

48' | The Dragons earn another penalty to go back on the attack, however an error sees the Knights let off the hook

47' | Lomax converts to add the extras. Knights 6-18 Dragons

45' | Jordan Pereira crosses for his second try, with the Dragons taking full advantage of an overlap on the right edge. Knights 6-16 Dragons

44' | Chris Randall gives away a penalty for a high shot on Ben Hunt. Dragons back on the attack

43' | Zac Lomax adds the extras. Knights 6-12 Dragons

42' | The worst possible start to the half for the Knights, with the Dragons going the length and crossing through winger Jordan Pereira. Knights 6-10 Dragons

40' | We're back underway for the second stanza!

Saturday 6:20pm: A hard fought first half here in Maitland! Both teams have dug in and are giving it their all. Second half coming shortly!

HALF-TIME | We go into the sheds all square!

40' | A forward pass denies the Dragons a second try

40' | A Knights error gifts the Dragons one last opportunity before the break

38' | Zac Lomax adds the extras from the sideline, locking things up. Knights 6-6 Dragons

36' | Try Dragons, scored by No.5 Mikaele Ravalawa. The speedy winger burst down the right edge, beating Tex Hoy on the line to score. Knights 6-4 Dragons.

34' | The Knights hold firm with Hymel Hunt making a crucial tackle, forcing a Dragons error

32' | The Dragons defence holds firm, and now have an opportunity to attack following a Knights error

31' | Some big Knights defence forces an error, before gaining a penalty with the Dragons caught offside. Knights deep on the attack now.

29' | Kurt Mann does brilliantly to clean up a challenging Ben Hunt bomb on his own try line

28' | Ben Hunt sends a kick far too deep, gifting the Knights an extra tackle in the ensuing set

26' | Tex Hoy gets crunched in a massive hit from Tyson Frizell. To his credit, he gets straight back up for a quick play the ball!

24' | The Dragons get us back underway, with this restart landing in the field of the play

22' | TRY KNIGHTS! Chris Randall crosses from close range off a lovely Daniel Saifiti offload! Tex Hoy's conversion is successful. Knights 6-0 Dragons

20' | We're back underway with the kick off sailing out on the full! Knights on the attack

QUARTER-TIME | Still no points in a hard-fought first 20!

18' | The Knights continue to pile on the pressure with another repeat set earned

17' | The tackle count is restarted, before the Knights earn another penalty.

16' | Sione Mata'utia earns a penalty, sending the Knights back into the Dragons red zone

15' | The Dragons defence holds firm, with the game going back into an arm wrestle.

14' | A neat Pearce grubber earns a repeat set

13' | The Knights earn a penalty, gifting them a full set on the Dragons line

11' | Enari Tuala bursts up the middle, sending the Knights right on the attack, before Mitchell Pearce sends a grubber too deep, gifting the Dragons a seven tackle set.

10' | The Knights defensive line holds firm, repelling the first serious wave of Dragons attack. 

9' | Mitchell Pearce gives away the first penalty of the game for a high tackle, with the Dragons going on the attack

8' | Edrick Lee does spectacularly well to regather a bomb on his own line, with the Knights now coming out of trouble

7' | Tex Hoy makes the first error of the game, with the Dragons now having an opportunity to gain some much-needed field position

6' | The match has begun with a traditional softening up period, with both forward packs going in hard in an effort to gain the ascendancy.

4' | The Knights make easy metres coming out of trouble, pinning the Dragons in their red zone

2' | Big defence early from the Knights forwards!

0' | The Dragons get us underway at Maitland Sportsground! Knights 0-0 Dragons

Saturday 5:28pm: We're ready and raring to go for todays trial! The warm ups complete, the live stream is running and the players are just moments from taking the field! If you can't watch the stream, keep it glued here for all the latest!


1. Tex Hoy, 2. Hymel Hunt, 3. Enari Tuala, 4. Gehamat Shibasaki, 5. Edrick Lee, 6. Kurt Mann, 7. Mitchell Pearce, 8. David Klemmer, 9. Jayden Brailey, 10. Daniel Saifiti, 11. Lachlan Fitzgibbon, 12. Sione Mata'utia, 13. Mitch Barnett

Saturday 5:00pm: All the best shots from an enthralling Canterbury Cup contest! A late Dragons try snuffed out our chances of victory, however we remain unbeaten today.

Saturday 4:58pm: Stay tuned for our starting 13 in the next 20 minutes. 

Saturday 4:57pm: And that'll do us for the lower grades this afternoon! The NRL trial awaits at 5:30pm! Hit the link above for the live stream! The Knights remain unbeaten on what has turned out to be a perfect day for Rugby League here at Maitland Sportsground.

FULL-TIME | It ends all square in the Canterbury Cup!

78' | Try Dragons! The Red V cross through Matt Nicholson, with the big man barging over from close range. The conversion is successful, meaning we are all tied up with a minute remaining! Knights 16-16 Dragons.

76' | An error coming out of trouble gifts the Dragons an opportunity.

75' | The conversion is waved away, with the Dragons now searching for a converted try to level it up. Score remains Knights 16-10 Dragons.

74' | TRY KNIGHTS! The red and blue take a huge step towards wrapping this one up, as Marli Townsend dives on a great kick to score in the corner! Knights 16-10 Dragons

72' | A forward pass lets the Knights off the hook.

72' | The Knights make a crucial error coming out of trouble, with the Dragons going on the attack.

69' | More of the same in the fourth stanza, with both sides engaged in a brutal arm wrestle, with the game to be decided in the final ten minutes as it looks to be going right down to the wire!

Saturday 4:34pm: The NRL coin toss has been run and won, with the Knights electing to receive! Just a reminder, the NRL match will be getting underway at 5:30pm, with the match being live streamed right here on!

60' | We're back underway for the final quarter of Canterbury Cup action! 

THREE QUARTER TIME | The Knights lead at the final change!

54' | Grant Anderson adds the extras to put the Knights in the lead! Knights 12-10 Dragons

53' | TRY KNIGHTS! The Knights draw level through five-eighth Nash Birch, who crosses untouched from short-range. Knights 10-10 Dragons

52' | A Dragons error gifts the Knights key field position.

50' | Defence is once again the priority of both sides. The match is being played mainly through the middle, with both teams showing impressive goal-line defence.

46' | The Dragons take the lead through a try to Mat Feagai. The sideline conversion is waved away. Knights 6-10 Dragons.

45' | The Dragons earn a penalty deep in the Knights half. The red and blue will be forced to repel yet another wave of Dragons attack.

40' | We're back underway in the Canterbury Cup!

HALF-TIME | Defence reigns supreme as we go into the break level.

35' | Pressure continues to build as the Knights are awarded a repeat set on the Dragons line.

34' | A Dragons error gifts a huge opportunity to the Knights!

32' | Pressure continues to build with the Dragons dominating possession.

29' | The Knights force a line drop out, however the Dragons manage to find touch with kick and regain possession.

24' | Try Dragons, with the continued pressure eventually breaking the Knights line. Conversion is successful to bring the Red V level. Knights 6-6 Dragons

23' | Ill discipline again strikes for the Knights, with a penalty gifting the Dragons another set in the Knights red zone.

21' | The Knights get us back underway for the remainder of the opening stanza.

QUARTER TIME | A gritty first 20 sees the Knights lead.

20' | A gritty defensive set from the Knights forces a Dragons error, relieving the pressure.

19' | Penalty Dragons. The pressure continues to build as the Dragons dominate possession on the Knights line.

17' | Line drop out. The Dragons begin to build some pressure by forcing their first repeat set of the day.

15' | A Dragons error relieves the pressure, with the Knights now carrying the ball out of their red-zone.

14' | A big Dragons tackle forces an error close to the Knights line. This is the best opportunity the Dragons have had thus far.

13' | Both sides have dug in following a frantic start, with neither side gaining an early ascendancy. The Knights still hold a one try advantage.

9' | Line drop-out. A good fifth tackle option sees the Knights earn a repeat set.

7' | Penalty Dragons. The Red V go on the attack after a careless ruck penalty is given away.

Saturday 3:26pm: Cup is underway and the NRL boys have just arrived! Main game kicks off at 5:30pm, and we're live streaming every second of it!

3' | Bayden Searle converts from the sideline! Knights 6-0 Dragons

2' | TRY KNIGHTS! Matt Cooper crosses in the corner! Knights 4-0 Dragons

1' | The Dragons spill the kick off! Knights on the attack straight away.

0' | The Knights get us underway in the Canterbury Cup!

Saturday 3:20pm: Our Team List for the Canterbury Cup match! Both teams are taking the field right now, with kick off imminent.

FULL-TIME | A convincing win for the Jersey Flegg Knights! Canterbury Cup is up next!

76' | Line break from Sione Tuitupou-Kutu puts the Knights on the attack. He's had a cracking game so far.

73' | The Dragons cross for their second through Oscar Fitzpatrick. Conversion successful. Knights 28-12 Dragons.

71' | This fourth quarter has easily been the scrappiest of the game so far. Both sides are becoming prone to making errors.

68' | An injury to Dragons centre James Schiller has temporarily halted play. The stretcher has been called for what appears to be an ankle injury.

68' | Line drop out. The Dragons send a neat kick into the in-goal, with the Knights unable to make it back into the field of play.  

65' | The Knights spill the kick off, with the ensuing line drop out being spilled by the Dragons!

64' | Trent Taylor's conversion attempt sails just wide. Score remains Knights 28-6 Dragons.

63' | TRY KNIGHTS! Tino Lui crosses for his second four pointer, in identical fashion to his first. Knights 28-6 Dragons.

60' | We're back underway for the final quarter of Flegg action! Knights 24-6 Dragons.

Saturday 2:49pm: The Canterbury Cup sides are warming up! Kick off for that one is at 3:15pm.

THREE QUARTER TIME | The Dragons strike back but the Knights maintain their three try advantage.

59' | The Dragons have come out a different side in the second half. They have pulled the game back into a real arm wrestle.

50' | Sean Payne crosses from close range for the Dragons. Conversion is successful. Knights 24-6 Dragons

45' | Cameron Davies adds the extras from the sideline! Knights 24-0 Dragons

44' | TRY KNIGHTS! Tino Lui takes a bomb to score in the corner! Knights 22-0 Dragons

40' | We're back underway for the Jersey Flegg game! Knights 18-0 Dragons.

Saturday 2:20pm: All the best shots from a terrific first half of Flegg action!

HALF TIME | The Jersey Flegg boys take a handy advantage into the change of ends.

40' | The Dragons kick off sails out on the full! The Knights with one more opportunity before the break.

39' | Lathan Hutchinson-Walters adds the extras. Knights 18-0 Dragons.

38' | TRY KNIGHTS! Trent Taylor dives on a delicious grubber to cross for the Knights. Knights 16-0 Dragons.

34' | SIN BIN! A Blake Barbuto line break sees a professional foul committed by Trenthan Peterson. The Knights will be down to 12 men for the remainder of the half, with the Dragons going on the attack.

29' | The conversion is successful from the Knights. Knights 12-0 Dragons.

28' | TRY KNIGHTS! Max Buderus scores untouched after Callan Burgess sliced the Dragons open. Knights 10-0 Dragons.

27' | Tom Baker spills the ball to let the Dragons off the hook.

26' | A neat Josh Dwyer grubber earns a repeat set for the Knights.

24' | Tony Thompson makes a break and earns a penalty! Knights deep on the attack.

21' | We're back underway in the Jersey Flegg contest! Knights 6-0 Dragons.

QUARTER TIME | Just the one try so far in an absorbing contest!

19' | Line Drop-out. Jack Smith spills a neat grubber in the in-goal area, before cleaning up the scraps and forcing the ball for a line drop-out. The Dragons continue to attack.

18' | Penalty Dragons. The Red V go back on the attack.

15' | This game is turning into a real arm wrestle. Both forward packs have dug in following the early Knights try, with opportunities scarce.

15' | Tuitupou-Kutu cleans up a dangerous grubber to starve off the Dragons attack.

14' | A line break from Dragons fullback Braxton Wallace sends the Dragons on the attack.

5' | Cameron Davies adds the extras. Knights 6-0 Dragons.

4' | TRY KNIGHTS! Sione Tuitupou-Kutu hits a yawning gap to cross for the red and blue! Knights 4-0 Dragons

3' | Penalty Dragons. The Red V go on the attack before handing the ball straight over on the first tackle.

0' | We're underway with Jersey Flegg here at Maitland Sportsground! Knights 0-0 Dragons

Saturday 1:28pm: We're here and just two minutes from our first game! The team's are on the field and we're ready. Keep it glued here for all the action!

Saturday 12:35pm: It's game day! What an afternoon Maitland has put on for us. Perfect Rugby League conditions. Jersey Flegg is due to get underway shortly, with all the latest to be posted right here. Let's do this.

Friday 3:20pm: Who are the young guns you should keep an eye on tomorrow? Assistant Coach David Furner has the answers. View the full chat below.

Furner: Trial, young guns and new systems

Friday 3:20pm: Done and dusted! Final preparations were completed this morning at our official Captain's Run at Maitland Sportsground. Over 150 kids from local schools were also in attendance to catch a glimpse of the squad! View all the best pictures below or click here if you're on the app!

Friday 3:20pm - Meanwhile, the Dragons have named the following squad (in alphabetical order):

Euan Aitken, Eddie Blacker, Adam Clune, Mathew Feagai, Max Feagai, Jackson Ford, Tyson Frizell, Luke Gale, James Graham, Ben Hunt, Jacob Host, Tim Lafai, Blake Lawrie, Hayden Lomax, Zac Lomax, Joe Lovodua, Corey Norman, Jordan Pereira, Mikaele Ravalawa, Jason Saab, Tristan Sailor, Shaun Sauni-Esau, Tariq Sims, Jayden Sullivan, Paul Vaughan, Brayden Wiliame, Tyran Wishart.

Friday 3:20pm - ICYMI: Adam O'Brien has named a 34-man squad for this trial, with some big names amongst the team. Here's who he's selected:

Tex Hoy, Hymel Hunt, Enari Tuala, Tyronne Roberts-Davis, Gehamat Shibasaki, Edrick Lee, Matt Soper-Lawler, Starford Toa, Mason Lino, Kurt Mann, Mitchell Pearce, Simi Sasagi, Bayden Searle, Lachlan Fitzgibbon, Aidan Guerra, Brodie Jones, Sione Mata’utia, Jirah Momoisea, Jayden Brailey, Luke Huth, Chris Randall, Mitch Barnett, Jack Cameron, Mathew Croker, Tim Glasby, Zac Hosking, David Klemmer, Brandon Russell, Daniel Saifiti, Jacob Saifiti, Josh King, Matt Cooper, Dylan Lucas, Mitch Black

Friday 3:20pm - Timings for Saturday's triple-header are as follows:

1:30pm: Jersey Flegg

3:15pm: Canterbury Cup

5:30pm: NRL (Match to be live streamed on

Friday 3:15pm - Welcome to our official match day blog for our trial against the St George Illawarra Dragons at Maitland Sportsground. Check back here for all the latest on game day, including live scores, blow by blow updates, breaking news, late mail, behind the scenes clips, photos and more.