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More of the best nicknames in Knights history

We thought we had this covered. As it turns out, we didn’t even come close.

It turns out it wasn’t fair to only acknowledge 10 of the greatest nicknames from across the nib Newcastle Knights history, so we’ve delved back into the archives to bring together another list of terrific nicknames.

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‘Slammin’ Sam Stewart

Nowadays, when you hear the name ‘Slammin Sam’, you may think of recently retired South Sydney forward Sam Burgess.

However, back when the Knights first came to be and Burgess was yet to even be born, the nickname was adorned to the inaugural captain of the Knights, Sam Stewart.

If you ever had the pleasure of watching the Kiwi international play, you would know he well and truly earned the name.


It was one of the most recognisable nicknames in rugby league throughout the 2000s.

Stemming from a simple mispronunciation of his name as ‘Beds-R-Us’, Danny Buderus’ famous nickname ‘Bedsy’ continues to follow him everywhere he goes.

Having had the career he did, we doubt he’s complaining about it.


This one transcends the man himself.

Andrew Johns’ father Gary gifted his son the nickname when he was a child, with Johns himself believing his father just didn’t want to call him Andrew.

Needless to say, the name stuck.


We’re not sure where this one originated from, but it’s one that stuck with Hughes throughout his playing days.

While he may not go by the name now, there’s no doubting the nickname is a fun throwback to Hughes’ days lighting up the touchline at what was then known as Marathon Stadium.


This one was tossed up by a fan, and while we can’t find where it originated from, there’s no doubting it suits Steve Simpson.

A true enforcer who was feared by his opposition, Simpson earned the nickname from supporters after years of dominating every forward pack he came up against.

He even famously folded Greg Bird in 2004 alongside Andrew Johns, sidelining him for months.

Honourable mentions

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The Bruise Brothers

In the Club’s early days, it was Tony Butterfield and David Boyd who ran the show in the forward pack.

The duo fed off each other’s aggression and, in their efforts, earned the nickname from fans.


This one really speaks for itself.

In his 47 games for the Knights, John Schuster made a name for himself flying down the wing, scoring an impressive 16 tries.

Legend has it, chants of ‘Shu! Shu! Shu!’ could be heard from the old hill at Marathon Stadium whenever he lit up the touchline.