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Ahead of the 2020 season, sat down with Gehamat Shibasaki in an effort to get to know him a little better.

Who am I: Gehamat Shibasaki

Who is most important to me: My family and my partner

Greatest off-field achievement:  Moving out of home when I was 17, I moved from Townsville to Brisbane for the 20s preseason and stayed there right through. Was pretty hard to get use to

Something you wouldn’t know about me: I’m a giving sort of person and a bit shy here and there

I’d be lost without: My family and my partner

What I love most about living in Newcastle:  The beaches, meeting all the new boys they’ve made me feel really welcome

I grew up in: Townsville

People would describe me as: Kind, caring

As a kid my hero was: My dad.

They were my hero because: Because he puts others before himself and he just knows how to deal with, and handle things

The last book I read was: I can’t remember that, I could tell you the last movie but not the last book

My favourite thing to do in Newcastle is: Go to the beach, but I haven’t really had too good of a look yet

My greatest on field moment: My debut, with the Broncos