Getting to know ... Tautau Moga!

Ahead of the 2020 season, sat down with Tautau Moga in an effort to get to know him a little better.

Who am I: Tautau Moga

Who is most important to me: My mum, my wife, and my two girls

Greatest off-field achievement: Having two daughters

Something you wouldn’t know about me is: I love spending time with my family

I’d be lost without: My family

What I love most about living in Newcastle: The beaches, like Merewether, Bar Beach and Redhead

I grew up: Ipswich, South-West of Brisbane

People would describe me as: Funny, loving

As a kid my hero was: David Peachey

They were my hero because: Just the way he brought the ball back from fullback, so slick for a big guy.

My favourite thing to do in Newcastle is: Just going down to the lake, good restaurants, sometimes get some fish and chips with the girls

My greatest on field moment: At the moment, to get back to playing week in, week out. Obviously I’ve had a history of injuries, but at the same time just grateful and thankful I get to play the sport.