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Rd 19 Canterbury Cup and Jersey Flegg teams

Josh King will feature in Canterbury Cup when the Newcastle Knights host the Magpies on Friday. 

Rory Kostjasyn will roll out plenty of NRL experience in his team this weekend.

Aidan Guerra will line-up in the backrow, while Mason Lino will pull the strings at halfback. 

The Knights host the Magpies on Saturday, July 27 at St Johns Oval from 3pm.


1. Jacob Gagai, 2. Kiah Cooper, 3. Tex Hoy, 4. Mitch Andrews, 5. Toby Marks, 6. Phoenix Crossland, 7. Mason Lino 8. Josh King, 9. Chris Randall, 10. Pasami Saulo 11. Aidan Guerra, 12. Brodie Jones, 13. Zac Hosking. Interchange: 14. Zac Woolford, 15. Ben Talty, 16. Tevita Alifa 17. Jirah Momoisea

Meanwhile, Cam Davies and Bayden Searle will link in the halves for Jersey Flegg this week.

The Knights face the Tigers at St Johns Oval on Saturday from 1.30pm.


1. Grant Anderson, 2. Elijah Rasiga, 3. Jack Smith, 4. Dylan Lucas, 5. Gary Anderson, 6. Bayden Searle, 7. Cam Davies, 8. Jack Cameron, 9. Liam Wilkinson, 10. Mathew Croker, 11. Nesta Watene, 12. Cody Edstein-Boyes, 13. Brandon Russell. Interchange: 14. Matt Moon, 15. Christian Ma'anaima, 16. Daniel Ticehurst, 17. Isaac Lee, 18. Kingston Puru, 19. Joe Bromage