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NSW series win in Mitchell Pearce’s words

Mitchell Pearce secured his first ever State of Origin series victory on Wednesday night.

Naturally, everyone wanted to speak to him after the match.

This is what the No.7 had to say:

What Pearce said to Andrew Johns during the post-match interview with Channel 9:

Q: How do you feel?

A: That was a crazy game of footy Joe, you know, I’m just stoked to be back in. The boys did all the hard work the first two games, obviously feel for Nath (Cleary). Nath was a big part of the series and to get called back in here, for the game to finish like that, we probably could have been up by a bit more and it came down to the wire, but mate that feels so good.

WATCH: Pearce soaks up first series win

Q: Did you have any doubt throwing it to Turbo?

A: No, we had the chance at arm there, so you know what a run from Turbs, and the Fergo, but I’m just stoked to be a part of it it’s a long time coming there’s plenty of talk. I’m proud of the state, I’m proud to be part of the team.

Q: Does this erase all the bad memories, you’ve been blamed in the past for the dominance of QLD?

A: I don’t know about that Joe; my Origin career has been up and down, but it was about this game tonight. You know, to be 30 and bought back into the team for the decider and do my part for the team I feel very humbled to be trusted, I’m just stoked to be here mate it’s an unreal feeling.

What Pearce said to Fox Sports:

Q: I’m joined by probably the most relieved man in NSW, Mitchell Pearce. Just explain that feeling you are a State of Origin series winner?

A: Mate, I’m just a part of the team, obviously I didn’t play the first two games. I’m just grateful to be given this opportunity to come in and experience touching that trophy. It feels really good. I’ve enjoyed the whole week, there’s just such a good team feel here, great bunch of blokes and we stuck together when it mattered. Origin, you know, they go in in ebbs and flows and you got to come up with the moment and we nailed the moment tonight.

Q: Being one of the most ‘scrutinized’ players in NSW Origin history, this must be a weight lifted?

A: Honestly, as I’ve gotten older, I’m honestly not too fussed about that. I’m fussed about not letting my team mates down and I’m fussed about not letting the state down as well. I’ve never felt good about not winning. Don’t get me wrong, every time the criticism comes you don’t feel good about losing and that’s what feels good tonight to not only make my teammates proud but a lot of people in NSW to be a part of a game where we won. It feels good.

Q: The sixth time singing the song must be the best?

A: Yeah that was awesome, it’s a great feeling. Great bunch of boys, great coaching staff I’m just grateful I was trusted to come in and be a part of the last game.

Q: Tell us about the last 35 seconds?

A: I have been rooming with Turbo, he was standing out there like the big horse like he is, big athlete. We had to play some footy. I didn’t do much mate. I just delivered the ball to them and they did the rest, the big three - Turbo, Fergo and Teddy finished it off.

Q: Did you ever think you’d be a part of a team who would win back to back Origins?

A: To be honest with you, I don’t ever predict the future because there’s always new things coming up and that’s the best thing about life. So, as I said, I can’t stress it enough I’m grateful to be a part of this. How good’s this? It’s awesome.