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“I had turned down a few pre-seasons with the Broncos”

It was 2012; things were good for Tim Glasby.

He was playing for the Central Queensland Capra’s in the Queensland Cup; he was captain.

Work was rewarding as a financial planner.

So, when a potential start to an NRL career came knocking, Glasby didn’t jump at it straight away.

Aligned with the Capra’s, the Brisbane Broncos showed interest in the young forward.



A great opportunity but just not quite right for Glasby.

“I had turned down a few pre-seasons with the Broncos at the time,” Glasby said.

“They had a bit of a deal where they would bring the player down and give them a taste of a pre-season and see what happens.

“I knew that really worked well for players like Matt Gillett and Jack Reid, they were aligned with Redcliffe.

Pearce puts it on a platter for Glasby

“I’d love to do that, but I couldn’t just go and do that with the Broncos because of work commitments.

“I couldn’t afford to go down and give up a few months of work.

“Work would have been ok with it, but I had a mortgage to pay and I said I can’t do a pre-season.”

Some may have called him crazy but lucky for Glasby things worked out.

The Melbourne Storm were the next to show interest.

That was after a bit of a false start.

“Paul Bun who was the recruitment manager at the Storm called my office and didn’t call me directly,” recalled Glasby.

“I wasn’t there at the time, think I was away for a Capra commitment in Brisbane doing something for the Queensland cup, and the receptionist wouldn’t give him my mobile number.

“I don’t think he was real happy and said something, he might have been joking or stirring her up, along the lines of, ‘you might have just cost this bloke an NRL career’.

“She called me upset saying this fella tried to call you.

“I was a bit worried too, I thought she might have just cost me my NRL career.

“I quickly got back on to him and left a message for him and he was ok, I think he was just having a laugh.”

Glasby came recommended from MacKay Cutters coach at the time Anthony Seibold.

100 seconds after 100 wins

“Bun said these blokes have a bit of a wrap on you and we’re just looking for a hard-working young front rower to come down and play,” Glasby said.

In need of stability, this is what Glasby was looking for.

No trial… just a straight up two-year deal at the Storm.

He was in!

“I said I can’t do a pre-season and he said… no this is an actual full-time gig for a couple of years.

“I said ohhh done, I’m there.

“It was enough for me to survive so I jumped at it.

“Work was great they were very supportive of me playing Q Cup and they were very supportive of me playing NRL and they said if it doesn’t work out, you’re welcome to come back.”